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David Spade to host Bachelor in Paradise for a while

A decision many months in the making, David Spade is the odd new choice to host Bachelor in Paradise.

Months back, usual host Chris Harrison was put on suspension when he questioned if a contestant attending a racist themed event was a bad thing.  Uh… it is.  And while regular Bachelor and Bachelorette are still undecided, Harrison is officially out on the raggedy beach spin off.

So why is Joe Dirt the fill in?  I actually questioned the decision because I assumed the host should take the show seriously, (I’ve never seen it), but apparently, sources say the reason Spade was chosen is that producers what to bring some levity to the show.  It’s too serious.   You’re telling me a show about fucking on the beach is too serious? Oh.

Plus David professed his love for the show recently on Jimmy Kimmel.

So there you go.  David Spade’s in, Harrison’s out.