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David Spade Is a Daddy, Doesn’t Seem to Much Care

A Playboy Playmate that David Spade had sex with, like, twice popped out his child in Missouri last week, and he’d like everyone to know that, at some point, he will get around to seeing this child.

“David and Jillian [Grace] have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement,” said David’s rep.

I just feel like this is a statement that could have been better phrased. Like, the first part just kind of sounds like they’ve been on the phone arguing over paternity and potential child support every night for the past nine months, and the second part just makes David look like someone who is only tangentially interested in his the birth of his child.

I think David’s still waiting for the results of the paternity test before he spends any money on plane tickets …

And since you all know what David Spade looks like, I’ve decided to include here the photo of Jillian Grace, with whom he had sex. This photo is obvs pre-preggers. Oh, and in case anyone cares, Jillian is 22 and David is 45. So, ew, kinda.

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  • i can’t stand that David Spade is still famous not to mention that he gets laid as much as he does.. He was on SNL a million years ago as Chris Farley’s sidekick and his 15 minutes are waaaaay up. I can’t believe that some chicks will do anyone who is even remotely recognized by the media.

  • And she didn’t even need to pull those jeans down for him to do it. See how she’s holding them open so we can all get a look? She wanted sex so bad; David Spade is weird and the least attractive person I can think of at this moment.

  • I remember her issue. She really is cute. At least airbrushed cute. :) I think it’s gross that she had a baby with him but she probably ‘loved’ him or some other 21 year old crap. My guess? Infatuation. And he was like, hey… what the hell? She’s hot.

  • My concern, my only question for the panel is “Is it me or how the ‘freak’ did that muppet headed midget get close enough to a playmate to … damn, have sex with her…. Jealous Man… Still TEAM MILEY!

  • David Spade’s face was all over Vegas when I was there in July…even on our room key. It was so creepy and definitely not sexy at all.

  • hollywood rule number 1: impregnating playboy bunnies does not require you to visit said babies once born, especially if sperm donor is an ugly, aging, faded has been tv star, as this is a clear sign that playboy bunny in question would fuck, and probably has fucked, anything that walked in the door with an erect penis.

  • Man….everyone, I mean everyone seems to be so jealous of David Spade. These negative comments are so telling. What did he ever do to any of you? I’ve met him a few times and he really is a nice guy (and no, I am not a celebrity). I think he’s kind of handsome. Seems like both men AND women are jealous of him…and the Bunny seems like a beautiful young woman. Just lay off. Swallow those sour grapes already!! Damn!

  • In the words of Kayne….

    She ain’t nothing but a gold digger. She ain’t messing with no broke n*****.

    I feel bad for David, writing her a check for the next 20 years. Com’on Dave, I know hookers are much cheaper….