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Tacky Or Not?

Wow, some people are completely pissed off about this new DirecTV ad featuring David Spade and the late Chris Farley.  Farley’s role is spliced together from his movie Tommy Boy and David Spade appears to be having a conversation with him.

We’ve had everyone from Fred Astaire to Nat King Cole peddling soda — and don’t believe for a second that we won’t see Michael Jackson doing the same in the next few years — so I don’t understand all the controversy.  If the estate is being paid, why shouldn’t dead dudes sell stuff?  Tacky or okay?  (Certainly not funny.)

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  • I don’t think it’s tacky at all! I laughed my ass off and find it pleasant seeing one of my favs on TV… dead or not!

  • I agree with Holly. I love this clip – I wasn’t offended by it. It’s a nice reminder of what Farley accomplished. May just go rent the movie!

  • Not tacky here…. It’s like David is watching a re-run.

    I have often found myself singing fat guy in a little coat… but it’s usually when I’ve gained a few lbs and tried to put something old on. Oops!

  • I can’t decide! The first time I saw it, I was like “whoa, not cool.” But I thought about what Wendie said about Fred Astaire….and I still can’t decide. Maybe it’s because David Spade is making fun of him and saying “I’m stuck here with Tons Of Fun”….which I know is from the movie (which I LOVE), but it seems maybe in poor taste?

    • I agree- first time I saw it I thought the same thing. Maybe it’s because he is more recently deceased and most of us remember him when he was alive? What I mean is that Fred Astaire is distant to most of us, a celebrity from long ago. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought that if it was Elvis- I wouldn’t have probably even noticed. It doesn’t bother me, I just was surprised a little when I first saw the commercial.

      • I’m not gonna tell anyone they’re wrong if they think it’s wrong…we all have different guy reactions to these types of things. That being said, the whole “tons of fun” comment was the type of comment that David Spade would have said in the movie Tommyboy…and every other project they did together. In fact, they were real life friends…I doubt he’d do something about a deceased friend that was crossing a line. Second, Chris Farley died nearly twelve years ago…I hardly consider that recent.

  • LOVE it. Fat Guy in little coat is my ringtone when my disgustingly thin sister calls me. Chris Farley is (still) funny as ever.

  • I am not up in arms about it, but I do find it distasteful. Basically because Spade has always acted so devastated by Farley’s death, the people that didn’t help Farley (in Spade’s opinion), etc, but yet he will profit by doing commercials with Farley’s image. It just seems a little gross to me.

    I’ve lost a couple of friends in my life, and I can’t imagine making money off their image. Especially if I were as wealthy as Spade and my family’s welfare didn’t depend on it.

  • Direct TV asked Farley’s family to do this commercial, and I was under the impression that David and Chris were actually really good friends, so who am I to pass judgment on them, I would like to believe that Chris Farley would have found this very funny. You also have to give Direct TV some credit, this is getting a lot of talk so it is probably a good move on their part. (Now I am off to buy Tommy Boy because I this reminded me how funny that movie is)

  • Just another celebrity family selling their deceased loved ones soul while they sit on their talentless asses and reap the benefits. Why should we be upset at this point?

    • Both of Chris’ brothers are very talented, I dunno who you’re talkin’ about, unless you think Barbara is getting a giant check out of this

      • Both brothers are very talented? I’m sure you think Jim Belushi is a fucking superstar then, dumbass. Just like Belushi, Farleys brothers rode his larger than life coattails to attempt to make a buck. Those dweebs will never fit in his size 50 waist pants. Never.

  • I started giggling but stopped abruptly when I realized that my channel-surfing hadn’t landed on Tommy Boy, but rather a commercial that used one of the classic comedy scenes of my lifetime. It took the joy out of “fat guy in a little coat…fat guy in a little coat…” Then my thoughts immediately turned to how he died with hookers and drugs and was an overall mess. This made me very sad, and I realized that I would not be ordering Direct TV’s services any time soon. I do hope Farley’s family/estate gets paid good from it, and I’d like to believe that David Spade wouldn’t have agreed to do it otherwise.

  • meh. im indifferent about it. i thought it was funny and i laughed. i dont think its the most amazing commercial ive ever seen and im not outraged. again… meh.

    • OH MY FUCKING GOD! You had to go and say not one, but two “meh’s” in one post? That shit is kryptonie to me and I’m now so weak that I’m dangerously close to just laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. Thanks a fucking lot for ruining what would have been a record pace 6 mile run.

  • Chris Farley came from a very nice family and they could probably use the money.

    David Spade will get even more pussy than he does already.

    Maybe some people with similar addiction problems will realize what a senseless waste it was to lose Chris and so many others.

    Win – win – win.

  • It’s tacky. Chris Farley is being used to peddle a product that he may not believe in. Its like Kurt Cobain being a playable character in Guitar Hero 5, he didn’t want to be a corporate rock whore and now regardless of what ever honorable motives he is being used.

    David Spade could have said no, he has a large body of work without Chris Farley that could have been used for a commercial. But he choose to be apart of this. SHAME!!

    • There are many products out now that Chris Farley doesn’t actively believe in. (He’s dead!)
      This ad had the family’s blessing and Spade’s blessing and they all were insiders and close to Chris Farley, while just about everyone making this a big brouhaha, no matter how big a Chris Farley fan, are largely outsiders approaching this from some level of disassociated fandom. I’ll defer to the family and friends.
      The Cobain comparison is a not apt for two main reasons:
      1) Kurt Cobain was known to be anti-corporate. Chris Farley was not.
      2) Kurt Cobain’s next of kin (i.e. ‘only’ Courtney Hole Love) initially gave her blessing for Guitar Hero to use Cobain’s likeness, but then freaked out at the realization that Kurt Cobain in the game would be able to play Bon Jovi tunes and other music that pretty much no one believes Cobain appreciated. Many other people who were close to Cobain hated the idea from the outset.
      Joe Dirt probably was not in the running for this advertisement.

    • you figure spade was cool with it? did you not see that spade had to actually speak new dialogue for this commercial? me thinks you’ve got marbles for brains, sherlock holmes!

  • i love to see farley on tv…it just sux that spade says that “i’m stuck with this guy” or something like that & it makes me sad cuz i bet spade & all farley fans would love to be stuck with him just a minute longer…

  • Now Spade says he regrets doing it. I’m sure all of his peers are telling him he’s a suckass vampire dickwad.