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Beet’s Two Greatest Loves Unite


There have been rumors for a few weeks, but now it seems like there may actually be some truth to those whispers.  Could Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner be dating?  They were seen together at a hockey game at the Staples Center on Sunday — way to keep it under wraps, guys.

Swift is 19 and Lautner is 17 and they’ve probably been dating for a few weeks — so a relationship that’s both young and young.  And for the record, I’m totally behind the Taylor/Taylor duo … haven’t seen anything that cute since, well, Paris & Paris.

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  • “…haven’t seen anything that cute since, well, Paris & Paris.”

    Are you kidding me?
    These two would be WAY cuter than Paris and ugly Paris.

    • The cuteness of the Taylors in little doubt, Wendie’s comparison of the “cute” nature of the two couples pertains to the same nameness, and not the relative cuteness of both duos — the Parises and the Taylors.
      Nice play on words and names.

  • Hate to even bring this up, but….. if she’s 19, and he’s 17… isn’t that illegal???

    That aside, Swift is a big hockey fan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the one who took _him_ to the hockey game.

    • Eh, I don’t think anyone cares that much – they certainly wouldn’t if it were the other way around (in my experience).
      Anyway, he must be nearly 18 soon, surely?

    • It’s only illegal if they have sex and since they are less than 3 years apart in age it would be a misdemeanor.

    • It’s only illegal if they have sex. But as a 19 year old myself, I could not imagine dating a 17 year old boy – that’s a like a high school senior?! EW. They are probably just friends.

  • taylor’s prude, ain’t no way something freaky is happening between these two people. and imagine if they do have sex and it goes bad, taylor will write a song about it and taylor l’s whole image will be ruined- summit would be pissed.

    plus, i always get such a gay vibe from taylor l.

  • wow how cute taylor and taylor lucky young gurl i love both of you guys hope you spend every minute day second and hour together im 17 2 but i never met him so i cant get him lol have fun in new moon taylor laughter i still think taylor swift is a lucky gurl luv u guys have fun with your life.