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Calvin Harris

So This is Who Ke$ha is Probably Sleeping With

picture of calvin harris photos

If you’re cool and savvy and worldly, you’ll probably know who Calvin Harris is – he’s a singer/songwriter/DJ/producer from the UK and is also pretty popular, too.

If you’re sheltered and resistant to exposing yourself to new things like me, you probably had to Google him and analyze his Wiki page or, just read this sorry excuse for a Calvin Harris bio and said ‘OK.’

Either way, this is the dude that our very favorite girl Ke$ha is rumored to be hooking up with. During her recent UK tour, eyewitnesses claim that the two were almost ‘fornicating‘ (that’s high-brow speak for ‘fucking’ ICYDK) at a Rihanna concert:

“They were getting right into it. They were practically fornicating.”

Good for Ke$ha, not so good for Mr. Harris here. I mean, come on. You mean to tell me he didn’t see the trashy photos of Ke$ha’s pearl necklace? Or … maybe he did and he’s just into that kind of unwashed, skanked-out kind of vadge.

Kudos, Calvin, for being a brave, brave soul!