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Zayn Malik & Calvin Harris Twitter Feuding Over Taylor Swift

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What better way for celebrities to talk shit about each other than on Twitter, for all the world to see? That’s what Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris are up to. It all apparently kicked off because Zayn retweeted a message comparing two quotes, one from Miley Cyrus and one from Taylor Swift, about making money from their music. Basically, Miley was saying she’s got plenty of money so she’s not being greedy, whereas Taylor’s quotes were about how people need to pay up if they want the privilege of listening to her stuff. Why Zayn retweeted that is beyond me, but Calvin immediately jumped to his girlfriend’s defense, and a spat followed.


The whole argument seems pretty stupid, to be honest, and no one really came out on top, though somehow Calvin managed to make himself look marginally better since Zayn seems to be a massive dickhead on the not-so low. I’m not sure if it’s the drugs, the money, the fame, or a combination of all three, but he seems to have lost his damn mind and turned into a complete asshole.

Below, some of their exchanges…



Calvin basically wished him well and said he had a great voice, likely thinking that the whole thing wasn’t worth his time. Zayn signed off with this classy tweet:

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