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Kim Kardashian & Calvin Harris Have Found Some Common Ground

kim kardashian calvin harris

You might think that Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris have zero in common and would have no reason to hang out with one another, but then you’d be forgetting that they share a common enemy: Taylor Swift. Neither of them has been shy about shutting Swift down publicly and pointing out that her girl next door facade is total bullshit, so it only makes sense that Kim and Calvin would come together… to celebrate J.Lo’s birthday, but whatever! Let’s just enjoy this moment!

I bet the conversation was booming. They probably congratulated each other on being totally awesome in smacking Taylor down on social media and… well, that’s probably it. They could talk about that for hours, though. Couldn’t you?

To be honest, seeing them in the same place isn’t really a big deal, though I truly had no idea that Kim was friends with or even knew J.Lo. Same with Calvin. But the biggest takeaway from the above photo is the fact that Calvin Harris is so tall. Who knew? I totally thought he was like, 5’6″ or something. Who knows, though, maybe he isn’t that tall and it’s just Kim and Jennifer that are short. Mysteries of the world!