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Bobbi Kristina at war with Angela Bassett over Whitney Houston biopic

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Lifetime is producing a Whitney Houston biopic later this year, with Yaya DaCosta in the title role and Angela Bassett in the director’s chair. That’s all fine and well – no one’s expecting it to be genius, but it’s a nice tribute to the late singer. The only person unhappy about this (instead of just apathetic) is Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who is a bit put out that she wasn’t cast to portray her mother… despite the fact that she’s not even an actress.

Here’s what Angela said recently in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft. It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on. You have to drive the story—there’s a technical aspect.”

Could that be seen as a diss? Eh, maybe, but she’s just speaking the truth. However, Bobbi got all up in arms and retaliated on Twitter, as you do, by claiming that she’s going to be an award-winning actress and calling Angela a man.

bobbi kristina

Oh God, grow the hell up, Bobbi. First of all, Angela Bassett has more talent in her pinky finger than Bobbi Kristina has in her entire body. And any talent she may have is completely overshadowed by the fact that she’s an insufferable brat. Between this and the antics of her brother/husband, the Houston family is really not doing Whitney’s memory and legacy any favours.

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Does Bobbi Kristina have a weight problem?

Bobbi Kristina

Apparently people are all up in arms because Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late great Whitney Houston, recently lost a bunch of weight. To be honest, I never noticed her being overweight, so the drama of this whole situation eludes me. However, it seems to be an issue since both Bobbi and her husband Nick, who happens to be recovering from a pretty serious ass beating, took to Twitter to defend her honour.

I must say, that Nick Gordon seems like an absolute class act. Seriously, the trash that dude talks… I can see why the Houston family had to lay the smackdown on him.

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Bobbi Kristina’s Husband Got His Ass Beat at a Houston Family event

bobbi kristina nick gordon

It’s always been clear that Whitney Houston‘s family was none too pleased about Bobbi Kristina marrying her “adopted brother”, Nick Gordon. While you would think they would have gotten over it by now, apparently a long-simmering feud came to the forefront during a Houston formal family event last week, where Whitney’s nephew, Gary Michael, beat the shit out of Nick.

From TMZ:

We’re told Whitney’s nephew, Gary Michael Houston, went nuclear on Bobbi Kristina’s husband, Nick Gordon … SLAMMING him to the floor and pummeling his face — accusing him of talking crap about the family.

Family sources tell us … it all went down at a Sweet 16 party for Whitney’s niece, Rayah. We’re told it was a formal affair — everyone in tuxes and long gowns — but Nick showed up in a hoodie and knit cap and “lookin’ like a thug.”

Gary felt Gordon had insulted the family one too many times … as soon as the party was over, he delivered the beat down. We’re told it was a lopsided fight — Nick didn’t even get in a single punch.

Here are some nice tweets for you to enjoy between the two, as well. So much drama – Whitney’s probably rolling in her grave.

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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Married Her Brother Lover

bobbi kristina

Last summer, Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina announced that she was engaged to her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon – news that wasn’t so welcome to her father, Bobby Brown, or… anyone else, really. However, we knew it was going to happen and indeed, now it seems it has, since Bobbi posted the following photo on Twitter:

Bobbi Kristina is only 20, so that’s a major red flag and a sign that this thing isn’t really going to last all that long. A lot of people think that the sibling relationship they shared makes their whole relationship problematic, but eh, I’m pretty live and let live in that sense. They’re not related by blood, and even if they were, what’s it to any of us? That’s not to say I’m some huge proponent of incest, but I dunno, it just doesn’t seem that unnatural to me that they would end up together when they grew up around each other. Is it ill-conceived? Sure, getting married to anyone at 20 probably is. That being said, that’s more of a problem here than the fact that he was like her “adopted brother”, I think. That being said, I do think if Whitney was still alive, she wouldn’t be having ANY of it.

What do you guys think?

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Bobby Brown Isn’t Too Pleased About Bobbi Kristina’s Engagement

bobbi kristina nick gordon

So, Bobbi Kristina is marrying her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon. In the words of Fred Armisen as Joy Behar, “So what, who cares?” He’s not her ACTUAL brother, and even if he was, that’s kinda nasty but kinda doesn’t affect anyone but them, so I don’t see why everyone is so up in arms about it. One person in particular who’s not too happy is Bobbi’s father Bobby Brown.

TMZ asked Bobby if he was excited for Bobbi’s nuptials, to which he replied:

“I’m not. [But] it’s not a question of whether I like him [Nick Gordon] or not… I just want her to be happy.”

LOL! Here’s a bit more:

Bobby made it clear he doesn’t approve … and reveals that Nick never even called him up to ask for her hand in marriage. The Brown family isn’t exactly the tightest bunch — Bobbi Kristina doesn’t talk to her dad, so why would Nick?

Hmm, very true. Bobby is being a bit unreasonable here and doesn’t really have any room to make demands, but we’ll let him spout off for now.

Royal Tenenbaums Situation: Bobbi Kristina Brown To Marry “Brother”

bobbi kristina brown nick gordon engaged

Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is engaged to Whitney Houston’s “sort of” son, Nick Gordon. Though Houston never legally adopted Gordon, Houston’s brother said in 2012 (via ABC News) that Nick Gordon was, “like a son to her.” But Bobbi Kristina does NOT see it that way. As she wrote on her Facebook wall (via People):

I’m tired of hearing people say, ‘Eww your (sic) engaged to your brother’ or if Whitney was still alive would we be together or would she approve of this? Let me clear up something, we aren’t even real brother and sister, nor is he my adoptive brother. My mom never adopted him.

Okay, but it still reminds me of Richie and Margot’s relationship in The Royal Tenenbaums. Margot and Richie were brother and sister who fell in love with each other, although Margot was legally adopted. But I think emotionally it doesn’t make a difference, especially if Houston considered Gordon her son. That’s it. Papers not required. Bobbi Kristina though says that her mom would approve of her kids’ relationship.

Mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating. My mom knows me better than any of you. A lot of y’all are saying that y’all are only saying this all out of love. Which is bull because if that was so, all you would want is for me to be happy.

She’s absolutely right — we don’t know her better than her mom does, and we don’t know her mom or their family personally.

Still, I’m gonna leave this here anyway:

Bobbi Kristina is Not Feeling Her Grandmother’s Book on Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston‘s death in early 2012 was a tragedy – one that was shocking despite her decades long struggle with substance abuse and inability to overcome the demons which led her to such self-abuse. It was an event in pop culture that affected nearly everyone, so widespread was Whitney’s impact, but perhaps saddest of all was the fact that she left behind a 17-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who absolutely adored her mother despite her faults.

It’s bad enough that Whitney’s brother recently admitted that he was responsible for turning the late singer on to hard drugs, but Bobbi is now speaking out against her grandmother Cissy Houston’s new book on Whitney’s life, which she finds “disrespectful” and over-the-top.

From Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter page:

ANYTHING concerning mygrandmothersBook•I& @nickdgordon OFCOURSE personally haveNOTHING2dowith• I ask youplsRESPECT tht•Haven’t read&won’t•

I find it 2B Disrespect2MYMOTHER & me being HERDAUGHTER won’t tolerate it. I LOVEYOUALL for your support though & I thank you immensely••xO!

Try to translate teenagespeak into English: Bobbi’s mad and Grandma’s in the shit. I don’t know what’s in this book and part of me doesn’t really care, but I think it’s pretty disgusting that she wants to make money off her daughter less than a year after she passed away. I’m team BK on this one.