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Bobbi Kristina Picture Leak Sees Brown Family Banned From Hospital

bobbi kristina

Ever since some “extended relative” of Bobbi Kristina‘s took a photo and tried to sell it for $100,000 to whichever publication would take it, there have been some rules put in place at the Georgia hospice care center where she continues to be in a coma. In particular, it seems no one in the Brown family is allowed in, since they apparently think that’s where the leaked photo stems from.

From TMZ:

Sources close to the situation tell us the security team at the hospice informed Whitney Houston’s family there was evidence incriminating a Brown family member as the person who snapped the pic.

We’re told Bobbi Kristina’s estate — run by her legal guardians — made the decision to ban the Browns. We’re also told although they know the culprit … they’re not naming names at this point.

The ban apparently doesn’t affect BK’s father, Bobby Brown, so that’s something. He’s apparently on the hunt for whoever it is that took the photo to start with, though I have no idea what they’ll do to him/her once they’re outed.

It’s really a shame that it’s gotten to this point. The poor girl is dying and someone in that family is worried about a payday. Really, really sad.

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