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Azealia Banks

Well, Here’s Azealia Banks’ Remix of Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’

work bitch

Azealia Banks was recently prancing around Twitter (that’s totally a thing you can do) bragging about a big name collaboration she was doing – Britney‘s ‘Work Bitch’ remix, that is. Considering Azealia says a lot of shit that never sees the light of day, no one took much notice of it. But surprise! It actually happened and it’s here and you can listen to it!

Don’t get too excited, though – she didn’t actually work with Britney on this, it doesn’t seem – she basically just wrote a rap to put over the beat of the song. Well, that’s… special. So… how exactly is this a “remix” instead of a remake? Or just a sampling of the beat for an original song? I just don’t know. There is literally one tiny sliver of Britney’s background vocals left in this. Awful.

Also, I’m not a major Britney fan, but I gotta say, I like the original better. What about you guys?

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Is There Anyone Britney Spears Won’t Collaborate With?

azealia banks

Britney Spears has already revealed that she’s done a duet with Miley Cyrus for Miley’s upcoming album, Bangerz, and now it seems as if she’s going to be working with Azealia Banks on a remix of ‘Work Bitch’. That news comes courtesy of Azealia, though, who was hinting about it on Twitter so hard, trying to drum up support for her dwindling career, so take it with a grain of salt, I suppose!

Well, who knows if that’ll work out, but I guess… best of luck on that one. I don’t really think ‘Work Bitch’ needs a rap remix, but then, what do I know? They’ll remix anything these days.

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Azealia Banks Will Finally Release an Album in January 2014… Maybe

azealia banks

Azealia Banks has been talking about this debut album of hers for roughly two years, and it’s yet to surface. Every mixtape she’s ever released has been delayed, so why should an actual album be any different? Broke with Expensive Taste is the name of the record, and apparently she’s taken the title to heart and realised that she needs to start trying to make actual money by putting the fucking thing out there.

And so, Azealia Banks’ first full-length LP is apparently coming out in January. That’s 2014, by the way – though I can see why you might be skeptical, considering this thing was supposed to come out in 2012. That being said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Also, what’s hilarious is that her take on it would be that she’s been making it THE BEST and putting finishing touches on it, but let’s be frank: you can’t polish a turd.  I used to really like Azealia and her music – the 1991 EP is FIRE -  but if the Fantasea mixtape is anything to go by, there will be one or two killer tracks on this album and then the rest will be like nails on a chalkboard – unlistenable. I mean, have you HEARD ‘Yung Rapunxel’ and ‘ATM Jam’? Atrocious.

Let’s just hope she raps about her totally real and worthwhile celebrity feuds on it!