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Azealia Banks Has A New Feud, This Time With Marina Diamandis!

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Alright, I understand this is a bit of a niche story but since you’re all cool cats with excellent taste in music, I trust you know who one or both of the following people are. Azealia Banks, up-and-coming rapper who thinks she’s at the top of her game despite not having released a full length EP yet and her recent singles being pretty shit, hit out at Marina + The Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis on Twitter (of course) yesterday after Marina tweeted that “you” (whoever “you” is) spent too much time acting the fool on Twitter.

Well, you know what they say – if the shoe fits, wear it! Azealia figured that shit was about her (maybe they met earlier that day or something?) and retaliated, threatening to steal Marina’s style (how is that a good look?) and accusing Marina of being “scared”. Of what, I’m not sure.


Listen, we all know rap feuds are part of the game and have been for years. But Azealia beefs with anything with two arms and legs, so I think she didn’t really get the memo. Generally rappers who start feuds with people pick a) someone in their industry who can actually be perceived as threatening b) who are likely to fight back. Neither of these things are the case.

I dunno. I’m a fan of both Marina and Azealia, but I think Azealia might be spending a bit too much time starting feuds (see: her feud with Perez Hilton, The Stone Roses [??], Angel Haze [a bit more understandable], etc.) and too little time working out her sound. Girl, ‘Yung Rapunxel’ was NOT good. At the same time, she’s 20, her fame is on the rise and she’s part of an industry that promotes her brand of bullshit, so it’s going to happen, I guess.

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  • “better shut up before I steal her look & sound”? Why would an artist threaten another artist like that? Oh yeah, because all these bitches are illuminati whores and don’t have any real talent. Go figure.

  • U can take the negro out of the ghetto but never the ghetto out of him. Truth hurts? Deal with it

  • You all ready no that the winner of this field is marina diamandis .the truth really hurts : s