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Anna Nicole Smith

EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Photos of Anna Nicole Smith During her Pregnancy

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Hard to believe that these photos were taken just months before Anna Nicole Smith passed away, while she was pregnant with her now-five-year-old daughter, Danilynn, right?

The pictures were unearthed from a promo shoot that was recently used by website Golden Palace, which I was afraid to click on for fear of it being some kind of weird pregnancy-golden-showers pornography site. Thankfully, I was wrong, and it’s only an online casino. My luck usually isn’t that good, so I’ll take it.

According to Golden Palace’s site:

She [Anna Nicole] loved the Golden Palace brand and especially liked the outlandish marketing efforts that were made with the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The extraordinary “golden” pregnancy photo shoot was also her idea, a time she described as “magical”. Like her persona, she wanted to capture the moment by doing something outrageous, memorable, and fun. Just prior to her untimely passing Anna Nicole had agreed to become a spokesperson for and was looking forward to kicking off the campaign with the launch of an exclusive “Anna Nicole” slot machine. As big fans of Anna Nicole, we felt a collaborative effort would be mutually beneficial. Unfortunately, the tragic events that followed so closely after the photo shoot proved to be overwhelming for the starlet, and out of respect for her and her family, the campaign was immediately shelved.

Guess these kind of blow Demi Moore‘s famous pregnancy shoot right out of the water, huh? Yikes.

photo of anna nicole smith nude photos

Howard K. Stern Catches Another Lucky Break, But The DA Ain’t Havin’ It

For those of you who have been following the case against Howard K. Stern and the doctors that provided Anna Nicole Smith with the prescription drugs that ultimately killed her, today’s just another frustrating day. After the jury brought back a guilty verdict on two of the nine counts of conspiracy Stern was facing, the judge threw them out claiming that the conviction was baseless.

The judge also ruled that Khristine Eroshevich, a doctor that provided Smith with a Vicodin prescription, not be sentenced to more than a year’s probation and a $100 fine, saying that she’d acted out of concern for Smith.

Thankfully the DA, Steve Cooley, is pissed and told TMZ, “We strongly disagree with Judge Robert Perry’s ruling today. [The ruling] diminishes the huge social problem of prescription drug abuse facilitated by irresponsible caretakers and unscrupulous medical professionals.”

Cooley also added that he’s going to start the appeal process on this case, but hasn’t yet decided whether or not he’ll retry Stern on the charges that came back not guilty.

This entire case has made a circus of our court system. Whenever cases get dragged out for this long, the evidence gets completely watered down and the true facts seem to go missing. If Howard K. Stern wasn’t the defendant in this case, I’m pretty sure a string of guilty verdicts would have come back ages ago. He’s always, since our first introduction to him on The Anna Nicole Show, been a master manipulator and a screaming, crying baby.

Does anyone doubt for a second that this guy is G-U-I-L-T-Y?

Even The Judge Thinks This Anna Nicole Smith Case Is Too Complicated

Anna Nicole Smith Case Needs to Be Simplified

The last like, twenty years of Anna Nicole Smith’s life was spent in and out of court fighting various battles and her death has only added to the number of court cases surrounding the former Guess model and reality TV star. The judge ruling over the current case, which has Anna’s former lawyer and boyfriend Howard K. Stern as well as her two doctors on trail, is finally doing something to try and bring all of this to an end.

The two doctors are on trial for over-prescribing Anna medications. Howard is on trail for working with the doctors to more or less turn Anna in to a pilled-out vegetable. It’s a horrible case and these men’s actions are almost certainly responsible for her demise. As you can imagine, the list of their misdoings rolls out the door, and Anna’s lawyers have handed all of this information, every scrap and detail to the jury.

Well, guess what? All of that information is a little too much for 12 average Americans to process, and the judge has told Anna’s team to file it down to just the important details. Superior Court Judge Robert Perry was quoted as saying, “”Are you trying to impress the jury with so many charges or abuse the jury?… I think it hurts your case when you complicate it.”

Hopefully that’s what needed to be said to bring this case to a close. I’m pretty sure that Howard and the doctors have appealed this sentence as far as much as they can. Perhaps everyone involved in this long battle can put it behind them soon, even if they’re doing so from a prison cell.