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Howard K. Stern and Doctors Going To Trial Over Anna Nicole’s Death

Anna Nicole Smith

Howard K. Stern and doctors  Khristine Eroshevich, Sandeep Kapoor will be going to trial for a long list of felonies relating to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The doctors are accused of supplying Stern with the drugs he needed to keep Anna Nicole in the haze that she was in up until the time that she eventually overdosed.

Stern alone is responsible for over 11 felony accounts, including giving prescription drugs to an addict, acquiring those drugs illegally and fraud. Kapoor is also screwed. During the previous investigation, the following passage was found in his journal, “I was making out with Anna, my patient, blurring the lines … I gave her methadone, Valium. Can she ruin me?”

The death of Anna Nicole has always stood out to me as incredibly sad because it was clear that in her messed up state, Anna had been allowing a lot of people to take advantage of her for a long time. Stern, who many saw on Anna Nicole’s E! reality show had been with her for a long time and even when she was top dog in the relationship, he often seemed both manipulative and emotionally abusive toward her. Their relationship was never appropriate, and when he saw that he could possibly gain control of her estate if she was dead, well, it wouldn’t surprise me if he turns up to be guilty on most of those charges.

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  • anna nicole was her own person,she get those drugs no matter what

    this whole case agaist howard k stern is brought up from anna mom and her one so called freind..there not kidding me whos behind this..anna mom is evil person only after what she can get and what tmz can make her do….i hope he gets a shame he loved her not anna mom’poor anna had to put up with all the men in mommys life..what happened why did anna leave home was it the men??

  • Circumstantially it looks bad for the three defendents, the allegations now charges may mask a far serious matter, rather than merely being enablers, these people were possibly into murder(s) , don’t forget they were professionals with braines. Its very likely that they murdered both her and her son, and indirectly caused the death of the billionaire’s son . I wouldn’t be surprisedm

  • Anna Nicole was an adult woman who made her own choices. She wanted fame and money without hard work, talents and education. She married a man aged 90 for his money.
    She used and abused her friends to get what she wanted, money, sex,drugs, fame. She was a victim of her reckless lifestyle and debauchery.