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Shakira’s ‘Did It Again’ Video

Shakira’s new video came out today and uhhh… I don’t get it? I feel really dense and I’m sure I’ll find out from one of you commenters within minutes of posting this, but what the hell is going on here? Shakira is in some sort of trantric sex dance on a bed with a dude, then in a steam room. Is this supposed to be like that show Sisters? Didn’t they all go in a steam room on that show? Oh, and the song is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard. She sounds like Grover.

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  • THAT was the worst crap I’ve heard in a long time. Ugh, she’s always sounded terrible to me…like if Yoda had a sister.

    • I thought the video was interest. It was fun to watch. But I wonder if there was any ‘meaning’ to the video… Like with the… I don’t know, martial arts in bed and the steam room? The song sounds alright. Personally I think it matches with her voice. So congrats to her for knowing what kind of music would actually work with her voice. I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, so I have nothing to say to that.

      Shakira isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It just bothers me how her voice sounds… Pulled back.

    • Blah oyu wouldn’t know real music if it hit you and the face.
      If you think this song is crap then why the hell are you listening to it in the fist place.
      By the way your face is crap :P

  • She’s been really WEIRD this album. I don’t know what she’s trying to accomplish with this crap.

    At least she looks hot :)

    • some people just make comments without hearing the whole album i think is great and different from the same trash today… im sorry but nobody is like her for sure!!!!

      • Ppl are just mad they cant move like her, the bed dance was sexy, she always does something nobody’s done before.

      • honestly… why is it that people always find the time to bash/insult people and they don’t find even a second to complement them. come on, she’s made it this far and has been one of the most successful artists to date. she has a great voice and body(especially considering she’s 33) and is still hanging strong plus she has a great personality. so why not try looking at yourselves first and then decide whether you should go judging other people. i personally think you just have no life if you’re over there judging people who’ve made it somewhere unlike yourself,

        ~God bless you guys~

      • I agree… I don’t think this song is bad compared to other I have heard by her.
        The song is basically talking about how girls somtimes end up with the wrong guys..
        and she’s saying how some girls are “blind” when it comes to men and still need to learn… (maybe this is why she’s in that sauna room with the those women when she’s speaking?)

        She’s basically saying how it has happened to her, and even starts to recall her own experience [thus, the guys and her in the bedroom]
        when she’s with that guy in the room, she’s saying how it first started when they were in a bar, and met the there (where girls usually go wrong when picking a guy)

        “En la suite 16
        Lo que empieza no termina
        Del mini bar al eden
        Y en muy mala companía

        In suite 16
        What starts doesn’t finish
        From the mini bar to Eden
        And in very bad company”

        “Pense “no me mires asi”
        Ya se lo que quieres de mi

        I thought “don’t look at me that way”
        I know what you want from me”

        Basically she’s saying how all girls have to realize that usually, the only thing on a man’s mind when meeting a girl at a bar is well… sex -__- (not always, but most of the time)

        She goes on and says how some girls try to resist, but eventually succumb to the temptation (which is where they need to learn)

        “Que no hay que ser vidente aquí
        Para un mal como tu no hay cuerpo que aguante

        Because I don’t need eyes to see here
        There isn’t a body that could resist badness like you”

        “Lo hecho está hecho
        Volvi a tropezar
        Con la misma piedra que hubo siempre
        Se siente tan bien todo lo que hace mal
        Y contigo nunca es suficiente

        What’s done is done
        I stumbled again
        On the same rock as always
        All of that which does harm feels so good
        And it’s never enough with you”

        The chorus is self-explanatory. Everyone makes mistakes because sometimes sin, in this case infidelity and pleasure, can feel good, even if one is conscious that the action is morally wrong. Some women keep “stumbling on the same rock as always”

        “Como fue
        Que paso
        Esa noche

        How was it
        What happened
        That night”

        She’s basically describing her thoughts and reaction to the whole sitation when recalls the memory. In reality, most women will feel the same way after being involved with something like this.

        “No puede ser nada normal
        Acabar eligiendo tan mal
        En materia de hombres soy toda una experta siempre en repetir mis errores
        No hay ceguera peor

        It can’t be anything normal
        To end up choosing so badly
        When it comes to men, I am a total expert in repeating the same mistake
        There is no worse blindness

        Que no querer mirar
        Cuando te guardabas el anillo dentro del bolsillo y dejarlo pasar

        Than not wanting to see
        When you would put your ring in your pocket and let it happen”

        Basically wraps up the whole song…
        How some women choose wrong; maybe due to temptation, maybe out of a bad habit, a way of coping, etc
        She’s saying how women need to open their eyes and realize what’s really going on; the men using them while fully conscious of what is going on. Some men, even married ones do this and just let it happen.

        I honestly don’t think this song is bad, and the dance they do on the bed is pretty unique, you have to admit.
        She does more modern dance then the usual belly dance which is pretty cool. Daniel compos, the guy who is dancing with her also did a good job with the dance.

        Sure it might be different then what people usually see on music videos and such, but it is unique and shows her individuality.
        Perhaps people should focus more on this positive artistic side of her, rather than bashing and automatically insulting her out of sheer impulse.

      • That’s exactly what I think, but yeah the lyrics are self explanatory but sometimes people just don’t really pay attention to the little things or stuff that’s there in plain, or they’re just trying to find something wrong all the time… That’s how a lot of people are, they focus on finding all the faults in something or someone and don’t bother looking at anything else… So I guess I understand, but either way it’s kinda rude and immoral to be doing stuff like that, in the end I thought it was a pretty nice video, she got her point out and made a pretty kick-a** video, but then again I’m really obsessed or really into martial arts stuff so that was my favorite part
        But people are entitled to their own opinion and that’s just my view on things

    • some people just make comments without hearing the whole album i think is great and different from the same trash today… im sorry but nobody is like her for sure!!!!

  • Yeap like up there says “like if Yoda had a sister” lol, she is going worst n worst every time… since she release the “She Whore” song… oohhh sorry “She Wolf” we all new this was gona b the worst recrod of her carrier, n why is she releasing another video so fast??? guess what??? the last one sux!!! n she thinks this one is cool lol poor Yoda’s sister… the worst part is that she keeps saying she is smart, lol well good 4 u S!!! but this time i guess we r all allowed to think diferent…

    • I actually like She Wolf, although I will admit it is certainly different. (I think thats why I like it…I’m sick of hearing the same ‘ol sound all the time.)

      In response to the ‘article’: I believe the song is about a woman who screwed this guy a second time and regretted it both times. ??

      I don’t care for this song too much.

    • Are you REALLY this illiterate? I never make snarky comments to other commentators but sheesh! Your grammar is atrocious:(

    • wow, before you go dissing other people you ass, why don’t you learn how to spell career. and i would love to see you go put yourself out into the world with jerks like you. she’s only human and if you don’t like it, go crawl in a whole and listen to whatever you like. only losers who have no life comment on things they hate.

  • I hate her, I mean lately all her videos have been about her shaking her body and making sex noises, as if her voice was any plesaure to hear!!
    She obviously has an amazingly athletic body and I won’t deny I liked her when she used to sing in spanish, but now? she totally sold her self out

  • Why does everybody hate Shakira??

    I’m not afraid to say that I like her music and that I’m anticipating the album. Make fun of me if you want. :P

    • i totally agreed with you arugula she is such a talented person so smart and humble i love this album i heard it all and i love it!!!! so different from the rest

  • yea her voice is weird, but sounds even weirder in this song. i like the bed bit, but the sauna makes no sense

    • I think the sauna bit is just about her confiding in her girl friends about the mistake she made. They’re all around her listening intently.

    • no efence but who care’s \\\\\\\\\\\\

      if you had a brain you would know that in the sauna she was telling the girls about what happened to her that night

  • I don’t get the video neither, I don’t think there’s anything to get really. I just saw Britney Spears new video for 3 and between Shakira’s and Britney’s I think Shakiras is better. The way way she moves is cool to watch, Britney is still stuck doing the same moves since 1999. I’m with Arugula on this one, I like Shakiras music.

  • I’m not a giant fan of Shakira. I’m don’t hate her. And I really am not a fan of being Capitan Obvious here but…
    Have you ever seen a Ballet or Tango where the woman pushes the man away, then relents, then pushes him away, then relents…that’s all it was. The symbolic act of courtship and intimacy played out for general societal consumption.

    • nope that was capoeira in a bed wich doesnt makes sense, is a basilian type of dance fighting style thing

      • Uh huh. Because you certainly cannot addapt different fighting styles into dance and movement. That’s never been done.

        Seriously, does anybody have any Art Major friends here? I have two that majored in Dance and this is a fairly obvious analogy played out.

      • its break dancing.. the guy is daniel campos.. hes a pretty famous bboy.. theres no need for hostile language

        capoeira is also known as a dance more than any other art form. its not known to be a very effective form of martial arts

    • well, I didn’t major in art and I figured it out. People just don’t bother to think or do research. However much I hate the song I appreciate the analogy.

  • that must be what sex with jackie chan is like. Hahahaha
    i actually like that song, way better than britney’s song three, i have no clue why people like that song, its just outright noise, and hurts my head.

  • I love the video, there is actual dancing and not just “booty shaking” like most videos now-a-days. The bed choreo and the whole concept is great.

  • Wasn’t fond of the song. Thought the video was weird, but watched through to the end just so I could see if anything freaky happened, and then something did, I started to LOVE THIS SONG AND VIDEO!

    I’m about to watch it for a fourth time. It really makes me want to get up and moving. And look at her body! That woman gets more amazing every year!

      • Oh the comedian. It’s called an unexpected surprise, i.e. enjoying the video. Should I suggest depends just in case you do pee your pants next time?

  • Shakira can do no wrong in my eyes. People comparing her to Britney? Please!! Have you ever seen Shakira out on the town with herped out heiresses, shaving he head and flashing a worn out snatch? No. Because she has class and is in a different category altogether. It’s called being a real artist who will bellydance her ass off all the while SINGING her own songs. I love her!!



  • I absolutely cannot stand her stupid voice.. I mean, the girl’s hot, she’s got a wonderful body, and she can definately dance, BUT her fucking voice drives me insane.

    She used to look like a very sweet girl back int he day, very sweet, very likeable, very smart.. And now it’s all about sex, and about her wearing reavealing clothing, and moving like a stripper.. What a stupid move on her part, because we all used to be impressed with her crazy belly dance moves..
    But then again, we see this kind of “dance” routines on dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance all the time.. All sexed up, all pornified.. There’s not much difference between this video and any of those shows..

    And by the way, this song sucks really bad, but the she wolf song is the most fucking annoying song i have ever heard in my life..

  • Yeah, the song doesn’t seem to be anything special, but the video? The video is pretty great… not only is she an amazing dancer, but, if i’m not mistaken, there was some symbolism going on there. Stained glass windows have heavy connotations of some type of church or holy place. There might be a point to its placement right above the bed. Additionally, in terms of the sauna, the scene looks like some type of foil to the bedroom scene. Everything is very controlled and clean (the cleansing properties of water and water’s role in a baptism).

    Maybe (probably) i’m reading way too into her video, but that’s just what jumped out at me.
    More likely is that we’re just supposed to recognize shakira’s hotness.

  • Maybe it’s just me but it seems to make easy sense.
    The sauna part is her with her girls recounting the events of a (several?) night stand. The song is the recounting of it. And the bedroom fight/dance is reflective of the lyrics, that although she’s enjoying some of the benefits of being with some random guy (ie great sex) and can’t leave because of this, she pretty much feels she’s in a different place in her life and it isn’t what she wants right now, even though she’s having so much trouble stopping. Uh-eh-uh.
    With that in mind, the video seemed entertaining, but I wouldn’t listen to the song or watch just the video on it’s own.

  • 1:57 – 2:25 sounds like Whitney Houston’s ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay’.
    With some differences but still.

  • What is this shit? A video? How much money spent on crap like this when countless good things could be done with it? Shakira is overrated anyway. Too much fuss about her. Never liked her and I have reasons, gimme a break. She should have stayed with her latin roots. Her Americanization = mess. And u wont find this in official sources: she’s financed b they Colombian drug lords.

  • I really like the video, the dance on the bed seems a great idea and is very beautiful. I like Shakira because she is one of few artists who changes from album to album.

  • geez, molls… negative much?
    I hate when I read posts like this before watching the video- like readin reviews before seeing a movie… I dont know if the opinion I form is my own…

    but anyways I like this song. dont hate.

  • I hate it when she sings in English, much better when she sticks to Spanish.

    Im not a fan of this song whatsoever, but I do normally like Shakira.

  • Yodelling karate manic yoga spirit enters host decides to face her fatal loss of talent predictions head-on–and die

  • I love Shikira for one reason, and it’s not her music…it’s because she’s my height! 4’10”!!!

  • She sure is a nimble little thing. She reminds me or a young Brigette Bardot. Crappy song, though. I usually love her music.

  • Sauna- obviously all the women in there are listening to her. Just like women gossiping at work. But in a sauna it is more discreet. It is just women in this. Maybe there is more than one woman that knows where she’s coming from.
    Bedroom scene-they are doing the Brazilian fight called the Capoeira. The lyrics go along with the fighting. She is having trouble with this situation…one night stand with this guy that’s taken…
    obviously when they get close..she can’t help but be sensual with the man.

    Alright..and okay.. I wasn’t a fan of this son to begin with. I liked it over time. It is DIFFERENT. I am so sick of the same shit on the radio. There is something different with the drums, the instruments in the background. It is not the ‘cut my wristsahhhh *scrreeeamm*’ or party like a rockstar’ deal.
    These lyrics people can relate.
    Her voice is like guacamole…It’s an acquired
    & The video..well damn, check out some of britney spear’s new videos..they’re simple, to the point and boring. Britney Spears is a great artist but still.
    The originality is fantastic.

  • maybe the steamy room represents all the guy´s lovers where she must remain hidden (pardon my english, me anticipo a cualquier critica de horrores ortograficos jaj) just my humble interpretation…

  • I have never ‘got’ Shakira and really don’t like her singing voice and think her dancing is awful, so this video is no different for me except that she is actually dancing properly!! (I’m a contemporary dancer so I get the style this time) Unless it’s a body double….

  • kyara


  • you people seriously think she did her own dancing in this vid? i know the girl who did the dancing for her in the vid, and its freaking amazing…but it wasnt shakira.

  • If you guys have not noticed yet. The song is supposed to be about the story of a girl facing an internal struggle, being with someone who she knows she should not be with. The video is supposed to represent this struggle and symbolize how “she did it again, it felt so wrong… but she loved every minute of it.” It’s interpretive dancing, which is why it changes consistently between the strong, powerful martial arts to the softer, more emotional moments together. I’m not sure if this makes 100% sense but it’s supposed to be an artistic music video and song.

  • i think that her video is the boom and you peoples only like to talk shit about it because you are jelouse of her. and maybe you want to be like her but you can’t it is to hard and i like that video so much than i go to sleep and hear it all the time when im sleeping.

  • i love her video so you bitch think that this video is bullshit well maybe thats what you are Hahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • Shakira’s ‘Did it again’ video is of matial arts, ballet and contemporary dance to express the physical and emotional relationship between a man and woman and if people don’t see that this is art of expression in the video then the people have no sense of emotional intelligence what so ever or they are young and niave who cannot potray a self-image for themselves and have to follow the pack of wolves with no question rather than identifying their own individuality.
    Take beyonce’s ‘video phone’ video ft lady gaga- Do you honestly think by beyonce and lady gaga showing as much meat as they can expresses the physical attraction between a man and a woman by interpreting to flaunt their asses on a video phone? I think not and others would agree. I think Shakira’s video this is truly a fantastic video and deserves credit for her style of music- not many artists can pull this off better other than shakira herself.

  • I totally got what this video is about. To me it seemed pretty obvious from the get go. The video does have an artistic meaning underneath, though it is highlyy sexualized but the content of the song is very sexual. She keeps getting into bad relationships or having one night stands. It feels good when she’s in the moment but when it’s over she is left feeling emotionally empty. She does it anyway even knowing it’s not good for her. The dancing/fighting on the bed is reflective of this. Her wanting to fight her urges but ultimately giving in. The girls in the sauna seem to be listening and comforting her. I thought this video is awesome and I love Shakira’s voice! Though I can see why some people find it annoying but to me it sounds unique. She is a true artist!