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Alia Shawkat

All-New ‘Arrested Development’ Episodes Coming to Netflix!

Image: Arrested Development via Peanuts, by Bill Mudron!

Here’s some news that is sure to thrill 10% of you!

“Netflix is gassing up the staircar!” Jason Bateman tweeted yesterday (see image of staircar, above), adding, “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to wear a pair of khakis.”

YOU READ RIGHT! A new season of Arrested Development (get with it! Emily mentioned this last month) is coming to your laptops, Xboxes, and iPads, not to mention your Wiis, Boxees, PS3s, and what-the-heck-ever else, thanks to a new deal with Netflix.

Arrested Development was canceled in 2006; since then, Netflix has been experimenting with original streaming content. And now Netflix has been charged with Arrested Development‘s very resurrection! It’s great news for everybody!

Depending on your television-watching proclivities this is very exciting news—and if you aren’t excited, what is the matter with you?—but nonetheless, try to hold onto your butts. According to some sources, the show won’t “air” until 2013. Blah. But oh, well! Masterpieces take time.

(Image via Bill Mudron. I think I am obligated to also tell you that you can currently buy this print for five damn American dollars. Love you, Bill!)

Maeby Bluth: “Look at how funky he is.”

Alia Shawkat, who we all fell in love with on Arrested Development and who we’re probably going to love even more after The Runaways, just scored major points with me for her remake of the classic Teen Witch rap (if you’ve never seen that, you’ve got to check it out. It stars Robyn Lively aka Blake Lively’s older sister.) Alia is hilarious and adorable as always and at one point raps back at the “hottie” in the video Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that.”