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Quotables: Kristen Stewart Could F*cking Get Pregnant Tomorrow And Don’t You Forget It, Loser

A photo of Kristen Stewart

“This really could happen to anyone my age. It didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, how could you have possibly played this? It’s so beyond your years!’ It’s like, ‘Not really, dude. I could fucking get pregnant tomorrow.’”

-The always cheerful Kristen Stewart, explaining to Entertainment Weekly why people who think her Twilight character, Bella, couldn’t get pregnant are morons.

While the lady doesn’t exactly have the best way with words, she’s absolutely right. She’s 21 years old, and last time I checked, there’s a reality television show about people at least five years younger than her having babies on their own. Plus, you know, the books/movies are about freakin’ vampires, so the her character getting preggo during some dull “love making” (ugh, kill me) is hardly the least believable part.

Nicki Minaj Responds to The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (pun kind of intended,) you’ve probably heard by now that Osama Bin Laden was finally found and killed. Just about everyone I follow on Twitter had a lot to say about the news, but perhaps the craziest/most hilarious commentary I saw was from rapper Nicki Minaj (who has since removed the Tweet from her account.)

You all know that I’m pretty much obsessed with Nicki, but I can’t figure out if think her Tweet was one of the most spot on yet completely ridiculous remarks I’ve ever seen in response to such a serious news event or pretty damn selfish. Sure, Lil Kim has talked endlessly about how she wants Nicki gone, but making a world-wise news event about yourself is pretty uncouth.

Make sure you let me know in the poll how you feel about Nicki’s Tweet and feel free to discuss last night’s events in our comment section…

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Is Tallulah Belle Willis Our New Favorite or What?

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s youngest daughter Tallulah has been rebelling for some time now and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. The 17-year-old, who recently started acting, was taken into police custody on Friday night after being caught while carrying two bottles of liquor to her friend’s car.

She was released as soon as her mom came to scoop her up from jail and issued no more than a warning, but I’m starting to sense that this is going to become a regular thing for her, which I guess is always kinda fun for people who do jobs like mine.

Tallulah, who is pictured above smoking a cigarette at Coachella, has also been seen sporting a tattoo on her stomach (something that she either got illegally or with the permission of her parents) and a few years back, when she was just 15, she was seen smoking cigarettes and drinking wine at her sister Scout’s birthday.

I’m not going to scold her for this behavior because, hey! If my dad was Bruce Willis and my mom was married to a dude who’s practically the same age as me, I doubt I would have been the goody two-shoes that I was in high school. In fact, I’d probably be chain smoking, guzzling wine and getting ill-advised ta— OH WAIT A MINUTE.

Anyway, we’re going to keep an eye on this one. She seems like she’s gonna be fun.