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Good Face Gone Bad: Meg Ryan

Awww, Meg Ryan, what did you do to that beautiful mug of yours? It’s hard to believe that the lady on the right side of the above photo used the be the lady on the left side of the above photo, huh? But I guess that’s what endless amounts of botox and other facial fillers will do to a gal. And look, she’s got the same droopy lip as Nicole Kidman, another actress known for loving her non-surgical beauty enhancement procedures.

Click through to see how America’s Sweetheart transformed into America’s Swamp Thing over the three decades we’ve known her and please, feel free to discuss what a tragedy all of this is in the comments…

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  • IDK, other than her lips, her face just looks like it might have aged a bit and well…we all know that’s inevitable for everyone no matter how famous they are.

  • I love how you took the effort to pick the worst photos you could find. But even in those she sure does not look ugly.

    Just remember while you think you are being funny: she’s got several dozen million dollars more in her bankaccount than you do!

    • “pick the worst photo’s”???

      Find me some better ones cause I sure can’t find any.

      Your response was lame.

  • Looks like in the pic that she has had botox, a nose job, and her lips done. She should have followed the regime of a couple of other famous 40s and did light botox. It would have served her better. Fortunately, with enough money its repairable so she will be fine. She is still beautiful and who can blame her for the touch ups?

  • The after pic isn’t that bad. I’ve seen other after pics that were frightening, so maybe she has a few things reversed with a better surgeon.

    I hope she sued the surgeon who did the first one.