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Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Are OVER

tiger woods lindsey vonn

I’m going to be honest – I kinda forgot that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn even existed, let alone the fact that they’re dating. Or WERE dating, that is, because their three year relationship has come to a close. Lindsey announced the news via her Facebook page, because I guess she realized that no one has cared about them for a long ass time.

After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. I will always cherish the…

Posted by Lindsey Vonn on Sunday, 3 May 2015

Well, that’s all very special. We can go back to forgetting about them now, right?

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Royal Baby #2 Officially Has A Name

kate middleton charlotte

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their second child, until now known as “Royal Baby #2″ on Saturday, and it wasn’t until today that they decided to share the name with the public. So what is our new Princess to be called? Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Charlotte was one of the bookies’ favourites over the past several weeks, so they’ll be paying out bigtime now that it’s actually confirmed. Charlotte is also the feminine form of Charles, her grandfather’s name, though who knows if they were actually thinking of that (they likely were). Elizabeth is obvious, as well, given the circumstances, as is Diana.

I love that they actually put Diana in there – lovely tribute to William’s mother. It’s a shame she never got to see her grandkids or even to meet Kate – I think they would have gotten along well, for some reason.

Anyway, congrats (again) to the happy family!

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Madonna Throw Shade At Drake’s Kissing Skills

madonna live with romeos

We all remember when Madonna pretty much sexually assaulted Drake onstage at Coachella, right? She leaned in for what I suppose was meant to be a “kiss” and his face after she finally backed off sorta said it all. He later tried to cover up his disgust by saying that he was reacting more to her lipstick and he actually liked the kiss, but I guess Madonna is still mad because she felt the need to take a swipe at him during some weird webshow called Live With Romeo’s: Saturday Night Online.

The video is about 20 minutes long, and features Made answering fan-submitted questions, including one about Drake. Her response? “I kissed a girl… and I liked it!” and “Don’t kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to.” Well… okay?

Frankly, the only person who seems to be begging for anything is Madonna, and that’s to stay relevant. Also, when you’re butthurt, you don’t SHOW that you’re butthurt – you fall back on your ol’ “Bitch, I’m Madonna!” mantra and move on with your life. You’re telling me she doesn’t have bigger fish to fry in her life than to try and put Drake down because he was grossed out by her attaching her mouth to his like a succubus? Sit down, Madge. Forever.

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Kate Middleton Had A Natural Birth

kate middleton

It was a pretty crazy weekend, wasn’t it, guys? There was the big fight, the Kentucky Derby and the birth of a new royal baby! I watched pretty much all the coverage (not necessarily for pleasure but for work) and there was one ongoing thing that I kept thinking was how crazily smooth everything went. I mean, Kate Middleton was admitted to hospital at 6am on Saturday morning and by 8:34am, she’d given birth to the new princess. Less than 12 hours later, she was dressed immaculately with her hair and makeup done, waving with her new daughter in her arms in front of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s before heading home to Kensington Palace. I mean, that’s kinda insane, right? Well, here’s another fun fact: she likely gave birth without an epidural.

From People:

Once inside, at least two midwives – like last time led by Jacqui Dunkley-Bent – took control of the actual delivery. The midwives, familiar to Kate because they were among the team who delivered Prince George, guided and led by the consultant, Thorpe-Beeston and his colleagues, ready to jump in if there are complications.

It’s unknown if Kate had an epidural, but the ease of which she appeared to walk from the hospital, it seems unlikely that she had more than the basic nitrous oxide “gas and air” option for pain relief.

So, nothing too exciting, just simple observation, but I suppose it’s pretty impressive if you think about it. The baby was 8 lbs, 2 oz – and need I remind everyone that Kate is about 115lbs soaking wet? Then again, she’s just doing what millions of women around the world have done millions of times over and continue to do every day… and seriously, all you moms who gave birth at all, with or without epidural, you have my respect!

Now we just need to wait for the name! My money’s on Alice, though Charlotte seems to be a favourite, as well.

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Scarlett Johansson Shows Us How To Do A Black Widow Movie On ‘SNL’

scarlett johansson black widow

I don’t really watch Saturday Night Live anymore unless someone I really, really like is hosting, which is rare. The show is just… not really all that funny anymore. It’s extremely hit or miss, and the best sketches end up on the internet by the following morning anyway, so there’s kinda no point in tuning into the broadcast. There’s that, and the fact that I’m an old lady who likes to be in bed by 10pm, even on weekends. My point is, I didn’t see Scarlett Johansson host the show again on Saturday night, but I have seen this sketch, about what Marvel might do with a Black Widow movie.

This is hilarious because it’s so ridiculous, but also because Marvel obviously doesn’t know what to do with female superheroes and probably would think this sounds like a good idea. Sadly.

Did you catch ScarJo on SNL this weekend? Did she do the chandeliers sketch?

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Britney Canceled Her Vegas Shows This Weekend


Britney Spears is on a roll right now — she’s finally in a seemingly healthy and happy relationship, and her Vegas show is making bank. Unfortunately, Brit suffered a bit of bad luck — she injured herself when she fell down during a performance. Of course, there’s video of the accident. The fall happens toward the end of the video, around the 1:46 mark:

Such a shame, as she was basically done with her routine and was so close to having a smooth show. The fall doesn’t even really look that bad, but apparently it is. She had to cancel her shows for the weekend on the advice of her doctor. She let her fans know in this tweet:

Poor Brit! And as if to prove any naysayers, she followed up with this tweet:

At least she’s got a sense of humor about it. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Side note: I still haven’t seen this show! Have you guys? It seems like it would be a really fun time.

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David Beckham Celebrates His 40th Bday On Instagram


David Beckham turned 40 this weekend, and the Lego fanatic took to Instagram to celebrate the festivities, using the hashtag “#DB40.” Though he created the account on May 1 (2 days ago), he already has 3 million followers. Here’s the first pic he posted:

And here he is under a birthday banner:

#DB40 A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

And here is with wife Victoria Beckham:

Thanks to my beautiful wife for such an amazing day x

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

Must be nice to be a celeb; when it’s your birthday, everyone cares! No, but seriously, a very merry birthday to Mr. Beckham. Son Brooklyn Beckham is also on Instagram, with 2.3 million followers. He also posted some bday pics. You can follow him here. He mainly posts photos of him posing with celebs.

Again, must be nice to be a celeb!

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