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It’s Official: Lindsay Lohan Is Off Probation

lindsay lohan

Well, it’s happened: Lindsay Lohan is completely free and clear and off probation for the first time in EIGHT YEARS. That’s right! On Thursday, a judge bought the load of crap that Lindsay actually finished her 125 hours of community service during a slapdash week at a daycare center in Brooklyn and signed off on her freedom.

From TMZ:

Lilo’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, did the honors in court Thursday, getting the word from Hizzoner that Lindsay’s in the clear.

As we first reported, Lindsay did what we thought was impossible … completing 125 hours of community service in what looked like a probationary marathon … every day, 8 hours a day, for more than 2 weeks.

The stakes were high … if Lindsay didn’t get the job done, she was probably going to jail.

If you’re trying to do the math: Lohan’s probation stemmed from a 2012 reckless driving case where she lied to police, but she’s been on probation since her 2007 run-in with the law for drug possession and DUI that landed her in a Lynwood, Calif. jail for 84 minutes.

With these charges cleared, Lohan can go back to being famous for … you know, acting.

Well, except that it’s doubtful Lindsay will ever have a respectable acting career again. That ship sailed years back and she wasn’t on it, so… yeah. I’m sure she’ll stay in the news for all the trouble she gets in to in future. When she can’t book roles, she’ll get booked in jail. Mark my words.

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