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People are freaking out over this unretouched Cindy Crawford photo

cindy crawford

Back in December 2013, Cindy Crawford appeared in the Mexico and Latin America version of Marie Claire magazine and did a really lovely photo shoot for the feature. She was 47 at the time and obviously still hot as hell, but she did one picture that was Photoshop-free and unretouched. That picture appeared online this week and everyone lost their damn minds.

Originally the above photo was said to be from an upcoming edition of the magazine, but it was soon revealed to be from a little more than a year ago. No matter – she looks the same and she looks hot, “flaws” and all.

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  • ^5 Cindy, you look AWESOME! What 47 actually looks like, if you work REALLY hard and have great genes. The rest of us will be lucky if we looked that good at 27 (I did not). Good job Marie Claire, gold star and extra snaps for you!

  • She looks… fantastic? Like, people are freaking out, why? Because she doesn’t look like when she was 20? Well duh?

  • If she were a nobody they would shame and criticize her. But it takes someone big like Cindy with unquestionable beauty to change ideals and it’s going to take more if we are ever going to change our screwed up perspectives on appearances

  • Well, I don’t know why anyone would freak out, actually. Having said that, is her husband uber-wealthy? He’ll probably turn her in for a younger model pretty soon…because he can. If she’s got more money than him, he’ll stay put.

  • Cindy Crawford looks terrible. Most women her age with her money have taken better care of their skin and of themselves in general. My wife is older than her and looks much better.