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Robin Thicke Thinks Miley “Hijacked” The VMAs With Her Twerking

miley cyrus robin thicke vma performance

Robin Thicke was completely blasé about his infamous MTV VMA performance with Miley Cyrus in which she twerked her little heart out all over him. Well apparently now, he’s got a little more feelings about the whole thing — bad ones. Sources say he’s pissed off at Miley for “hijacking” their VMA performance. From an US Weekly source via KPopStarz:

Us Weekly said Robin Thicke is still angry about Miley Cyrus’ performance half a year ago. Thicke claims Miley “too far” when she groped him.

A source told Us Weekly “Robin is jealous Miley’s career took off after that.” Another insider told the gossip magazine that Robin Thicke “He thinks she hijacked the performance.”

At the time of the Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013 performance, Robin was criticized for being “old enough to know better” and blamed Miley for the sexy performance, telling Oprah Winfrey “that’s on her.”

A source told Us Weekly “Miley thinks Robin threw her under the bus.”

I knew this would happen eventually. No way was he okay with what went on. Miley absolutely hijacked the stage and Robin looked like a creepy older dude in a Beetlejuice suit trying to get down with the kids.

Kind of hard to believe it’s already been half a year since this whole stupid thing happened.

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  • youre kidding, right? no way is he ok with what happened? he has straight up naked girls in his video and hes pissed because miley grinded on stage? hes pissed because people see him for the creeper he is and his career has stalled. miley didnt hijack anything. pretty sure she got as much, if not more, hate than he did at the time. he is such a tool.

  • She got way more criticism than him. It’s not her fault nobody’s talking about him anymore, and I’m not even a Miley fan.She is not a minor so I don’t necessarily see him as a creepy dude, but he hasn’t done anything great since then and that is completely on him