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Kaley Cuoco and Her Fiancé Killed Their First Christmas Together

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! Kaley Cuoco and her soon-to-be husband, Ryan Sweeting, just spent their first Christmas together. They’re going to marry each other, but they’ve never spent Christmas together. Just wanted to drive that home before saying that they totally “killed it”. I suppose that translates to “We didn’t murder each other or each other’s families! Everyone is still alive! This is great!”… or something.

This was her caption for the above photo, which she posted on Instagram: “1st Christmas together! Killed it!” Considering she gave her mom a Lexus for the holiday, I suppose that’s apt. No one’s going to say that a new car isn’t a great gift.

What do you guys think? Is this wedding even going to happen? Are they kinda the best or sorta the worst? I can’t decide!

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