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Kaley Cuoco Gives Her Mom A Damn Good Christmas Surprise


Kaley Cuoco made us all wish she was our daughter when photos came out today of her giving her mom a car for Christmas. A Lexus SUV, and the car has the oversized bow on it and everything, which is just crucial. The photos, via Zimbio, are really sweet. First, the car drives up:

Then, she brings out her mom (with champagne in hand).

Then, we get her mom’s reaction:

Love it. And she seems truly touched:

That Kaley Cuoco sure is a nice gal. I’m glad she had such a lovely fake wedding, and I hope her “real” one is just as fab.

What did you get YOUR parents for Christmas?

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  • Am I the only one who thinks this was all just a cheap publicity stunt? Or do the papa follow Kaley around so closely that they “just happened” to catch this gifting?

  • I gave my mum a Lexus for Christmas and I needed the whole www to know it. How great a daughter am I !!!! Heap praise down upon me. Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum …

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