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Kaley Cuoco Got Fake Married On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

kaley cuoco wedding

It felt weird to type out The Ellen DeGeneres Show – doesn’t everyone just call it Ellen (even though that was actually the same of her old sitcom)? Anyway, I digress already. Kaley Cuoco was a guest earlier this week and seeing as she’s engaged to a guy she’s only been dating for three months, Ellen thought it would be a great idea if one of her staff members – who is legally able to marry people – performed a wedding ceremony right there on the show. Kaley loved the idea, and the following ensued:

Don’t get your panties in a twist, though – this isn’t a legit wedding, it was just for fun. We all know Kaley is far too busy to get married, but she did say on the show that she hopes to make it happen next year even though they haven’t planned anything or figured out a date. Wow, this all bodes so well. Ah, who knows – crazier things have happened. These kids could really make it!

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