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Kaley Cuoco’s Proposal Story

kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Kaley Cuoco just got engaged after about 3 months of dating. Now she’s talking about the proposal. I’m such a sap, I love reading proposal stories. Hers is shall we say, atypical, in the sense that it wasn’t full of roses and romance and flashmobs (the new thing in proposals, it seems). However, I’ve heard of couples getting engaged her way, too. Here’s her proposal story, as told to Entertainment Tonight via People:

[He] actually started a little fight with me and threw me off. I was like, ‘Oh my God, things aren’t great.’ He surprised me at the end of the night … [when] he popped the ring out. It was amazing.

I’ve heard of couples getting into fights right before the proposal. I personally know someone who had the proposal all set up, very romantic, and his fiance-to-be didn’t want to get out of the car. They got into an argument, but it ended very happily, with him finally telling her what he was planning to do and then having to propose in a way he didn’t intend but she accepted, joyfully, and there were tears.

But this…”he actually started a little fight”? He started a fight and it was so bad you questioned your whole relationship?

I don’t know about this.

I want to hear your proposal stories.

Oh, and P to the S: some paparazzo got a closeup on her ring. Daaaaaamn.

kaley cuoco engagement ring closeup

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  • My boyfriend and I went to my 10 year school reunion.About halfway through,it was announced we all had to go inside for speeches.My bestie and I were chatting and drinking up a storm,I didn’t even realize my boyfriend wasn’t at the table with me.The next moment I hear a voice over the mic,talking about me and how much he loves me.Because of the alcohol buzz,it took me a second to click that it was my boyfriend.He called me up to the stage,and dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him,in front of everyone.It was the most awesome and surreal experience of my life.We married a year later,and have now been married a year.PS.I obviously don’t think Kaley and her dude will last.I’m sorry,but a marriage based on a courtship of this short a time,is just bound for disaster.But I bet she makes a gorgeous bride!

  • My and my now husband live on the south coast of Ebgksbd, some 360 miles away from my large, close knit family. We’ve always gone up when we can, and they all adore him. One day in November, Duncan had decided to go carp fishing for a day/night to try his luck before Christmas, leaving me and our Rottie snuggled up in front of the tv. At 11pm, he surprised me by arriving home, saying he’d had no luck, was cold and miserable and wanted to spend the rest of the night with me. We often take the dog for a walk late at night on the beach, and he asked if we wanted to do that, off we went! It was a lovely night, clear skies and the beach was secluded. We walked half a mile and he dropped then to one knee and proposed, it was beautiful. My favourite part of this story is what he told me later. He hasn’t been fishing at all, and had instead driven a 9 hour round trip to ask my mum and grandmas permission, and make sure they were happy that he wanted to marry me. Five months later we eloped to Gretna Green, and I’m now 5 months pregnant with our first baby. I’m a very lucky lady x

      • Thanks! It’s been a fairytale whirlwind, our baby is literally a wedding night baby – so he is also bloody efficient!!

        Your story really touched me too, what a romantic gesture! And a surprise!! We both have fab stories for the grand kids xx

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