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Kirsten Dunst Without Makeup: Can You Believe She’s 31??


Don’t even pretend you don’t love seeing celebrities without makeup. Unless it’s someone super young and pretty like Selena Gomez, in which case, girl, no one cares. You’re practically a child, it shouldn’t be shocking that you look great without makeup. But I appreciate the selfie.

No, the good stuff is seeing J.Lo without makeup. And now, Kirsten Dunst. Kiki D is amazing to me, because she’s 31 and yet without makeup, she looks like she did in her Bring It On years. Which is a film I never bothered to see. So maybe I should go with Virgin Suicides. Yeah, she looks like that.

So here’s Kirsten Dunst shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with her mom, makeup-free. I think without any makeup (compare here) she looks super young but I showed these to someone who said, “Are you insane? She looks way old. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” And that person was Jerry Seinfeld.


What do YOU think?

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  • Is Kiki her own nickname? Or is it something the gossip world has given her? Before I stopped reading Perez -fat ass, immature, bully turned kiss ass, homo – Hilton, I remember him calling her Kiki Drunkst.. I always wondered if the first part of that nickname was given to her or not.. If it’s not something she is called by friends/family, then I guess you got it from fat ass Perez.. Which leads me to ask.. WHY??

      • Hmm really? Never heard that before, and I know a few chicks named Kristen.. Good to hear, nonetheless.. Can’t stand that hypocritical fat shit and I wasn’t happy thinking it may have came from him… :shiverssss:

  • I think she looks great. It’s a shame that women have been made to feel they need to wear makeup. I think most women look better without any embellishment anyway.

    • i think that’s a misconception a lot of women wear make up for themselves because it makes THEM feel pretty, some do feel like they have to which, yeah, totally sucks but a lot use make up to ~enhance~ their beauty

      a good make up day can really be a mood changer

  • See this is a ligit no make up pic. The “no make up selfie” is junk take 20 pics and choose the one that looks good and post it.