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Selena Gomez Posted a #nomakeup Selfie

selena gomez

One of the worst things on Instagram is the #nomakeup trend. First of all, half the girls who post selfies with that hashtag are MOST DEFINITELY WEARING MAKEUP. Second of all, does anyone really care that you’re not wearing makeup? I’m not sure what the statement is supposed to be there – that you look good without it? That you’re “brave” enough to show your hideous beastly face without covering it up in layers of foundation, powder, mascara, blush and God knows what else? Meh, I just don’t get it.

Selena Gomez decided to join in on the fun by posting her own #nomakeup photo on Instagram on Saturday and… you know, whatever. She looks nice, I guess? I’m not sure what the reaction here is supposed to be. She looks like a normal human being. Bravo! The pose is a little try-hard, but she’s in that “desperate to be sexy” (but not slutty!) phase right now, so we’ll give her a pass.

I think we can all agree the best thing about this photo is the girl in the background. That reaction! Now that’s a picture I want to see.


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