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Katy Perry And Rob Pattinson Karaoke Video


Katy Perry and Rob Pattinson are just friends — she fully admits that she farts in front of him — so what do we think of this “friendly” video of them singing Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You” at karaoke together? At one point she’s sitting on his lap. Looks a wee bit too friendly.

They’re singing at Dimples in Burbank which is the WORST. KARAOKE PLACE. EVER. The owner is this old man who is super creepy and pervy. If you’re there to celebrate anything — birthday, bachelor/ette party, anniversary, whatever — he’ll come up to you with a shot with whipped cream on it and say, “Do your blow job shot.” And you’re like, “What???” and he says, “Do a blow job” and pushes the shot in your face. It’s so odd. I get that he’s been there for decades but that shouldn’t give him the right to be creepy as f-ck. I guarantee you he made both of them do his precious blow job shots.

Anyway, you’re prob gonna wanna watch the video before it gets taken down. Thoughts??

P.S. Still no video of Lohan’s karaoke nightmare has surfaced. :(

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  • they so do it. or used to. and WOW, so plastered! hammered! shots/flask/weed were definitely enjoyed on that fine evening in burbank. good on them…sounds like shit, but hey, that’s the beauty of the ‘oke. i’m with you RE: Dimples’ suckage, i don’t understand why people go there when SARDO’s is right down the way. Sardo’s 4 life, Los Angelinos, wise up.

  • Katy’s been on my shit list lately, and I’ve never cared much for Rob, but this makes me like them both way too much.

    They need to do a reality TV series. Now. Now!

  • Was this bar on the show “Bar Rescue”? I remember an episode of a bar with the owner of it making women do some type of sexual simulation because of their birthdays, etc.!