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Kim Kardashian’s Back to Showing Her Ass

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian gave birth to Kanye West‘s baby a few months ago, and while generally, the mother an adorable new baby like North West would be spending all her time playing and bonding with her daughter, enjoying motherhood and setting a great example, Kim has resorted to her old ways by getting her ass out and posting a selfie of it on Instagram with the hashtag #nofilter.

Girl, we’re super glad you got your ~pre-baby body~ back and feel confident wearing a white bathing suit thing that barely covers your tits and is getting swallowed by your ass. We’re even glad that you seem to love yourself so much despite all the negative criticism you received about your body when you were pregnant. Those are all great things for any woman… but REALLY? You’re someone’s mother now and the first thing you think to do is to strip down like you’re on the pages of some men’s magazine to show your ass? Dear God.

I know this might sounds a bit slut shame-y, and it’s not meant that way. I think women should use their bodies however they want and be proud of them… but I also think there’s a time and a place and Kim clearly feels she’s not worth anything more than putting half naked pictures on the Internet for the world to ogle at (and lots of creeps to fap over). SMH, SMH.

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    • I have NEVER been able to figure out why people think this nitwit porn star troll with the supersize ass is attractive at all. You can walk into most meat market bars and find women who look like this, but at least have some class about them.

  • I agree, I mean honestly my opinion doesn’t matter and obviously she and her family feel the money they make is worth selling your family, your privacy and your dignity. But personally, all I think of when I see this woman is how much she much find her value in this pictures. She seems to truly find value in paprazzi pics and selfies and things like that. And you know what, that’s really sad. That means this woman doesn’t get she has so much more, well maybe she doesn’t really. But come on, at least one person in that family has to find themselves valuable as a person without having to sell themselves!

    • This. I think her family values the outside beauty very, very much – look at how much surgery her mother’s had – and thus raised her to base her self worth on how she looks. She will need compliments to feel good about herself.

      On another note – I just want the Kardashians to go away

  • Why does she constantly feel the need to be told how hot and pretty she is?? its unreal. pics like that are all about praise me praise me praise me. is she THAT insecure, or is it that she is THAT egocentric?

  • I think she looks disgusting. I usually do not make comments on women’s bodies, but this photo was posted for no other reason than to invite a gaze, so I feel okay commenting on her. I do not find her body attractive AT ALL. Yuck.

  • I think she looks hot here, but whatever. Doesn’t everyone know she’s quite dumb by now? She got famous from a sex tape, and THIS suprises you? Maybe we should all just stop giving a shit and she’ll go away.

  • Maybe because she didn’t get so look much negative press on her pregnant body she needs for them to give her positive press now to make her feel ok. MOST celebs have something else besides there looks and bodies going for them…. we talk about how we shouldn’t make girls feel like they have to look a certain way but let a celeb gain a some weight and its lets see who can dog her out the worst. This is what happens in that world with an insecure girl.

  • people should not complain after all the have been wearing like that in their show. maybe it is part of the show and the are doing it for their pay.

  • I truly don’t see what the big fuss is she is a 5″2 fat ass plastic surgery girl that she has the no values sales herself to highest bitter ,she should that money is not everything and not very classy what is going to do when she is older and that ass is huge and cottage cheesy at least hopefully she will still have money to get plastic surgery lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Kardashian, what would your father feel seeing you act like a low class slut!!!!

    What a shame you have no morals. Do you realise your child will one day see these photos of you. Do you really not have any shame.

    But you know what they say. You can buy anything with your money, but you cant buy class.

    From a mother of two beautiful daughters who know how to behave