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Kim Kardashian Is Back In Black With Maroon Lipstick And Huge Boobs

kim kardashian black dress maroon lipstick

Kim Kardashian made her first big outing since giving birth to North West, the most spoiled baby in all the land. She went to the Mademoiselle C premiere in Paris, in a black boobstastic dress with cutouts, streaky blondish hair, and maroon lipstick.

We all agree this is an absolutely atrocious look, right? Especially for Kim Kardashian, but also for anyone. What in the everloving hell is this?

Nothing about this outfit was right.

kim kardashian black dress paris

But what do you think? More pics below.

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  • God, I wish she would stop fighting the hotness. She’s one of the most beautiful women out there (granted, I don’t like her either and think she’s the worst), why would she dress like this!? There was a point in time where she always looked / dressed fantastic. What happened? Oh yeah, CAPS LOCK KANYE HAPPENED.

    • You need your eyes examined. A short, fat-assed mediocre porn star is “one of the most beautiful women out there”? Please.

      • Nah, she used to be pretty back before plastic surgery,and constant media attention drove her to strive for a new look. When she first became famous she was pretty. When she wore dark makeup, had a more pale skin-tone, and wore regular sexy dresses. She went downhill when she started bleaching her hair lighter, became more tan, wore smokey eye makeup and pale lips, dressing more “fashionable” etc..

  • She couldn’t pull that off. Not even a Kate Bosworth-like would be able to do sth with it.
    I don’t know why on earth Kanye is trying to destroy her image. I mean, I hate her, but she had an image, a brand, and her dress option were sometimes cool.
    Agh, Kanye.

  • She is dressing this way to hide her pregnancy weight gain.
    Her boobs look like Barbies , fake and plastic.
    I like her hair colour (color for our American friends

  • Holy christ that’s a bad look. But on another note I like how she’s more ‘brown’ instead of being that weird off white colour celebrities get when they’re not actually white.

      • I think Kanye is in love with Beyoncé (and himself of course) and wants Kim to try to look like her.

      • Probably. I mean say what you want about Kanye (I do) but he is at least conscious of the racism present in the entertainment industry and talks about it, unlike a lot of artists of colour, and I have never seen him try to white himself out in any way.

  • I really like that maroon lipstick and the hair, I think it looks fantastic on her. I like how she isn’t just going for what works, but trying out new looks. Now, the outfit… No, thanks.

  • i like the hair and lipstick. i cannot stand that tan, though. and the outfit is a damn jester’s costume. ugh.

  • she’s such a disgusting talenteless trash, she looks fat so she keeps flashing her breast non stop now, see how she covers all the rest, disgusting

  • She is beautiful and that outfit looks awesome on her. Stop hating! She has a body that wont stop and trust me she doesnt have to compete with anyone she stands alone!

  • I dont like putting others down, but this is not a good look for her at all. The blonde, the tan, the dress…its bad…really bad. Also her face is very hard looking, idk whats going on with her….She looks great for just having a baby thou and has a great butt.

  • Stop the body shaming! Hey, it’s okay to have an opinion but do we really have to bad mouth a person? I get that being in the spotlight makes celebrities easy targets for ridicule but its our own harsh judgements that make a lot of women have body dysmorphia. Stop being cruel and state what you have to say without taring someone down. No one is perfect, body or morals. And to those who point out other people’s flaws in this article, you seem like a huge asshole.

    • It’s not the body, it’s the outfit. At least, for me. Can’t speak for anyone else. But I thought I made that clear, that it was the outfit/makeup that was the problem.

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