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Amber Tamblyn Officially Joins Two And A Half Men As A Regular Cast Member

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Amber Tamblyn joined Two And A Half Men for a stint as the illegitimate “sexy, gorgeous lesbian” daughter of Charlie Sheen‘s deceased character. And now it’s a permanent thing. She’s a regular cast member. Cha-ching Amber. Cha-f-cking-ching. Details from Hollywood Reporter:

The actress, who boarded season 11 in a five-episode stint as Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) long-lost (lesbian) daughter, has been promoted to series regular.

Tamblyn’s Jenny moves to L.A. to pursue acting and connect with what’s left of her family. She likes everything her dad liked — including women. The move is not unexpected as Tamblyn’s deal had an option for her to become a series regular.

OKAY LISTEN, NON-JUDGEMENT ZONE RIGHT HERE, BECAUSE I AM CURIOUS. Have you been watching Amber on Two And A Half Men? How is she? Is she funny? Is the show finally funny?

I need to know, guys. But I need to know without actually watching it.

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  • I’m not a regular viewer anymore but I gotta say she was pretty good and definitely helped the show not sure if she can sustain it. I guess we’ll see? (if I go back) I still miss Charlie though.

  • I thought the show was hysterical the first several seasons….especially while the kid was still chubby adorable. But it was Charlie’s show to carry and the chemistry between the three characters made it funny. I’ve watched Ashton and he is okay, I guess, but it isn’t the same. And with Angus gone….what’s the point? All good things must come to an end. The new chick played the odd doctor on House in the last couple seasons, right?

  • I watched last night and she is great (funny sexy) but I just don’t get it as last nights episode showed WTF why is free loader Alan and his family still living here with no plan to leave EVER? It makes zero cents and how is he banging Courtney Thorne Smith ?????

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