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Rihanna Loves Feedback From Her Fans


Rihanna might be a stoner with poor taste in fashion and a penchant for abusive boyfriends, but she’s got a fantastically successful career, and she owes that all to the Rihanna Navy. If you’re nof familiar with the Navy, it’s probably because you’re not in it – it’s her fans, silly. In a new documentary that she put together with director Ron Howard and Budweiser (uh, weird combo there, but whatever…) called Half of Me, RiRi discusses her love for her fans and how much she enjoys their “feedback”:

I’m sure there’s something constructive somewhere in there, but the only feedback I see her getting on her Twitter and Instagram is along the lines of “Sit on my face and let me eat you out” or “Let me come inside you” – hardly artistic appreciation, though I suppose in a warped mind…

I’m a Rihanna fan, musically speaking, so it’s nice that she appreciates the people who bankroll her ridiculous lifestyle, I suppose!

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