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Rihanna: Still Designing Ugly Clothes, Wearing Them

rihanna river island cara delevingne

Rihanna just debuted her new fall collection for UK retailer River Island, and it’s as hideous as ever. This is the third range she’s done for the store and it’s as bad as all the rest, full of half-tops, camoflauge, bodycon dresses and other items of “clothing”, if you want to call them that. Because nothing says autumn like a bare midriff and a visible thong.

Despite being an absolute mess, of course this shit is selling like hotcakes and hundreds of fans turned out on Tuesday  – as well as Rihanna herself, complete with blue lipstick and the mullet/rat tail hairdo she’s got going these days – to check it out. A lot of it is already sold out online! People will buy anything, I swear.

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  • I like some of the pieces. The bodycon dresses are really good, and the midi- and maxi-skirts.

    That said, I can find very similar stuff at the local mall for about 1/3 of the price.

    The ‘boyfriend jeans’? Sorry RiRi – Old Navy has been doing them for ages, and again, for about 1/3 (or less) of the price.

  • Too much haters here including the autor of this article, lmao, because y’all haters are in jealousy…

    Pourquoi tant de haine ? Why do you feel so much hate ?

  • Jennifer: If your work is being objective, it’s a very bad work, because your “Still Designing Ugly Clothes” are not.
    I guess making journalism is just a dream for you. So far of your real work.
    Your article with noisy and wicked titles is not the best, I just want you to say it.

    It’s your personal view… but….
    who are you for writing that ?

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