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This Was Amanda Bynes’ First Tweet Since Her Psychiatric Hold

amanda bynes twitter pic

Amanda Bynes has had one dramatic summer. After setting fire to a stranger’s driveway, Bynes got a court-ordered psychiatric hospital stay where she’s being treated for PTSD. She hasn’t tweeted since July 19 when she tweeted, “Drake is gorgeous.” Bynes has been tweeting about Drake a lot. The rapper finally talked about her tweets in an interview with XXL. Spoiler alert: he’s not thrilled.

Well…sorry, Drake. She’s back. Though she’s still undergoing mandatory psychiatric care, Bynes broke her twitter silence yesterday to tell us all via Twitter,

I love drake

Oh, Amanda. I really, really hope you’re getting better. This doesn’t seem very encouraging.

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  • Drake needs to go into the witness protection program or hire a butt-load of body-guards for when she gets out of the nut hut.

  • I doubt it was her. It’s highly unlikely she has access to a cell phone, computer, etc., to access the internet or twitter. I think someone else hacked it.

    Poor kid; I feel for her. Mental illness is a difficult road to travel and it’s obvious that many of things she said and did in the last couple of years had its basis in that illness. Hopefully she hasn’t had her physical health beyond the mental aspect compromised by all the things she did.

    I wish her the best. And her family in coping. Been there done that.