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LOL Of The Day: Britney Was “Crushed” When She Heard KFed Got Married

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Britney Spears‘ extraordinary ex-husband, Kevin Federline, got married to Victoria Prince, the mother of some of his many children. Apparently, Britney was “crushed” by the news and “screamed uncontrollably.” Right. More delights from National Enquirer, according to “an insider”:

When Britney was told the news, she screamed uncontrollably. Then she collapsed in tears. The wedding caught her by surprise. She wasn’t invited and she didn’t even get a call from Kevin to let her know he was marrying Victoria. Britney had to hear about it from one of K-Fed’s friends after the ceremony was over. It was hard for Britney because she’s long suffered from the delusion that she and Kevin would one day get back together and raise their two boys.

I wouldn’t buy this if it was free. Paparazzi take photos of Britney and KFed being civil at their kids’ soccer game and this translates into Britney still being in love with him. Guess now that Ms. Spears is getting her shit together, has a boring boyfriend, is recording an album, all while preparing for her major show in Vegas, there are less stories to tell about her. Make ’em up, boys. Make ’em up.

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