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Here’s How Madonna Celebrated Her 55th Birthday

[image removed on request]

Madonna turned 55 and had a birthday party that probably costs more than an Audi and was probably better than any birthday party you will ever have in your life. The party had some sort of Marie Antoinette theme, at least for Madonna and her boyfriend. I bet most people just wore jeans and a fun hat because God forbid anyone overshadow Her Madgesty. Not too casual, though. I’m sure anyone wearing flip flops would have been beheaded.

[image removed on request]

Thanks to The Daily Mail for this immaculate collection of photos.

[image removed on request]

We all know how much Madonna loves themed events.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

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  • shitty cell phone pics = madge actually looks amazing here! “filters” have become all too popular these days, ruining perfectly good/clear photographs, but it works wonders on wrinkles, hence the last shot. pretty hot, grandma.

  • She IS in amazing shape – and because she never ever gets sunburned, her skin does look amazing. However, she absolutely has had work on her face. You can’t fool mother nature forever. And I’m sure that like every 55 yr old, she has wrinkles…