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Justin Bieber’s Mom Admits He Ignores Her All The Time

justin bieber pattie mallette

It seems natural that a “Christian” fame-whore whose beliefs took a back seat to a pile of cash would spawn an arrogant piece of shit like Justin Bieber, and indeed that’s happened. Pattie Mallette keeps giving interviews about shit no one cares to hear (besides maybe Beliebers), and her newest one with Parade saw her chatting (again) about just what humble beginnings Justin had and just how hard she worked to raise him right. You know, like millions of other single parents do around the world every day without expecting a pat on the back.

“He had his whole childhood where we were just together, and he didn’t start his other crazy life until he was a teenager, so we really bonded through just being together. I was on government assistance, working two jobs just to try to put food on the table, and really struggling through to make it. I just did whatever I could do to be the best mom I could be.”

Yeah, and that’s commendable but didn’t really do much in the way of keeping him grounded, now did it? Pattie went on to gush about her 2 million Twitter followers (because, you know, that’s what matters in life) and says that she goes on the road with Justin every once in a while but is forced to “give him his space” and that he doesn’t listen to a goddamn word she says.

On staying in touch with Justin while he’s on the road.
“I’m off and on [tour] as much as I can be. I’m doing a lot of my own thing, and trying to give him some space, too. I go on the trailer with him as much as I can. I was with him last week, and I plan on joining him again in a couple weeks. We just stay in touch as much as possible. I call him and text him — as much as a 19 year old wants to talk to his mama!”

On whether she has any input on who he dates.
“I think that he values my opinion.”

On if he listens to her relationship advice.”
“I don’t know if I’d go that far! But we talk.”

Yo, let’s just be real here. Of course teenagers don’t want to hang out with their parents a lot – especially not when all they want to do is drink and smoke weed and acts like fucking idiots. But as they say, motherhood is a lifetime job, NOT something that ends when they turn 18 or get famous enough to pay you to fuck off. I know she can’t force him to be a decent human being, but she could at least care about it a little bit more. But I guess 2 million Twitter followers think she’s doing an alright job *eyeroll*.

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