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Oh God The Cringe: Texts Between Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham

charlie sheen machete kills carlos estevez

Charlie Sheen has a passion for getting involved with troubled young women; he’s basically the Princess Diana of our time. Farrah Abraham, determined nobody, following her “f-ck it, what else could go wrong” way of life, decided to reach out to him. For his dong, basically. She texted him suggesting they go out for a “playdate” — WITH their kids, NOT a euphemism — but way to rub it in Sheen’s face that he doesn’t have custody of his kids. She also suggested coffee, to which Sheen replied with the only thing he’s said I’ll ever agree with,

Coffee is for amateurs and grandma.

TMZ has screencaps of the texts. I can’t really read them, the cringe is too extreme. Farrah, girl, calm your texts.




I’m just going to assume these are real, for the sake of entertainment and train wreck potential.

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