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Chris Brown’s Probably Going to Have a Probation Violation Hearing Next Month

chris brown

Chris Brown will most likely have to face a judge next month after maybe (definitely) violating the terms of his probation. The probation stems from his 2009 beat-a-thon on Rihanna and since then, he’s committed a variety of crimes including hit-and-run and – the cause of this hearing – submitting sloppy paperwork for the community service that he didn’t actually perform. Uh oh.

From KTLA:

During a court appearance Monday a preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 15 into whether singer Chris Brown violated his probation.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has been unhappy with Brown’s court-ordered community service, performed in his hometown of Richmond, Va.

The DA’s office said there was sloppy paperwork and oversight in relation to that community service.

The DA’s office requested more documentation and paperwork from the Richmond Police Department, which the department has sent over to Los Angeles.

Prosecutors were to review this documentation, and decide whether they want to proceed with a probation violation hearing against Brown.

Prosecutors were expected to deliver their decision to the judge whether everything is resolved or whether they want to proceed with a probation violation hearing July 15.

Can we not just throw the book at this piece of shit and be done with it? Seriously. Not only was he not remorseful about beating the person he apparently loved (who, mindblowingly, took him back) but he then LIED about completing the community service that was a fucking piece of cake compared to the ass pounding he would have had in jail. God, I can’t stand him.

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  • Oh please,

    Breezy, Lohan, there is one rule of law for citizens and an entirely different set of laws for celebs.

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