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Surprise! Chris Brown Lied About Doing Community Service

The world is an unjust place where children are starving, senseless wars are destroying countries and killing people and the walking shit stain known as Chris Brown hasn’t had his ass beaten raw before being thrown away to rot in a jail cell for all of eternity. After narrowly escaping charges from Frank Ocean for jumping him in a studio parking lot, however, he may still be in trouble with the law for violating his probation by lying about actually doing any community service.

From TMZ:

Bryan T. Norwood, the Chief of Police in Richmond, VA., wrote a letter to the judge on September 14, claiming Brown successfully completed 202 days of community service — he was only required to perform 180.

Norwood attached documents showing that Brown frequently worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center — a place where Brown’s mom was once a director — and did odd jobs such as painting, washing windows, waxing floors, cutting grass and picking up trash.

That’s all fine and well, except guess what! He actually only turned up nine or ten times and was never supervised by anyone since the detective who was assigned to oversee the community service was told to get lost. Instead, Shit Stain’s mother filled in the times, location and types of work Chris did to the court. Yeah, because that’s not at all suspect. What’s more, the District Attorney says that Chris had a “prior relationship” with the Chief of Police, possibly making all this even more f-cked up:

And there’s more. According to the docs, Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, “instructed” the lawyer for the Richmond P.D. on how to “handle” D.A. investigators’ questions about Chris’ community service.

And Geragos told the probation officer there was a court order that Chris’ community service be removed from the probation department and given to the police chief. Fact is … there was no such court order.

Chris Brown never fails to continually prove what an absolute scumbag he is. When will someone throw this animal in a cage and toss the key?

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  • I’m not a hateful person. I tend to use “I hate” hyperbolically, like “ugh, I hate that!” when I really mean “that sucks/that bothers me.” But there is one thing I can say completely hyperbole-free: I. HATE. THIS. DOUCHEBAG.

    • How does being a minority play into this story? Oh right, it doesn’t! He was found guilty, hence the probation and community service. What a fucking moron!

      • it’s funny …….no one would describe charlie sheen as an animal …another funny thing is the voice of the white douche bag screaming there is no problem with minorities …how the hell would he know ..he wouldn’t ….. chris brown is a human being flawed but still human i don’t come here for the civility ..but come on

        ps what kind of animal is chris brown ?

      • Charlie is a fucktard too, any man who beats women is a animal. Ethnicity doesn’t come into play on this point.

      • Right-o, Chazmeister. Hey J, Mel Gibson’s a whitey who still has not been forgiven, so forget about the race card. I think the difference w/ Sheen is he’s beyond honest and doesn’t cover up his cracked out lifestyle, vs. CB over here making bullshit excuse after bullshit excuse & even comparing himself to Jesus. Ego PLEASE! Pity party, table of 1. If he were to admit he’s been a giant dick in the past & then quit fucking up repeatedly, hey…maybe the world would stop holding this grudge…

    • I agree with your point — calling a Black man an animal, especially with the long story of racism against Black people (including monkey sounds etc) is very risky. There could be other insults to use. I decided against saying anything because I am not American so I felt I’d be out of place. Also, I agree about the minority thing: Sean Penn doesn’t get nearly as much shit as Chris Brown and Madonna publicly admitted she was abducted and raped by Penn.

      • Automatically thinking that the word “animal” is a reference to someone’s race rather than their inhumane behavior is racist in its own way (and I know you’re not racist, mireee, you were just pointing out that some people might take it that way, but I’m just lamenting the fact that this is true). I’m reminded of the time when I was hanging out with my husband’s cousin’s kids, who have a white mother and an African-American father. The little boy was climbing on me, so I called him a “monkey,” which is exactly what I’ve called all of my little cousins/nieces/nephews who do the same thing. The mother made some comment about me being racist, when in reality I was using the exact same word for her children that I do for children with any color skin. *She* was the one who made it about race, not me.

      • I understand what you’re saying. My point that a man is a man, until he proves himself otherwise. Man is an animal, he needn’t act like one!

      • thank you mireee chris brown is an asshole .all i am pointing out is the double standard in reporting …..chris brown got trashed cause he danced and sang a song at the grammys charlie sheen got a tv show and not one person was outraged ……..

  • This useless shit stain of oxygen is not remorseful for any wrong doings he does.he’s just remorseful he got caught. He has proven he’s not able to be a productive citizen who deserves to walk the streets..

  • The dumb moron has proven over and over again that he is nothing but trash. He deserves to be in jail. If any non celebrity lied about community service, that person would be IN JAIL.

  • But … but …. but I thought we wouldn’t have to read so much about that fucktard anymore :(
    Why this sudden change of mind? I know he’s an asshole, you know he’s an asshole, every breathing thing on this planet knows he’s an asshole. Let’s move on!

  • Wow, are Chris Brown threads the new Leanne Rimes threads? The next logical question that follows then is who is going to be the new “guest”???

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