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Chris Brown Did a Hit-and-Run But Denies It Now, Of Course

chris brown

You know how it went down – Chris Brown hit someone’s car in Los Angeles last week and was a total asshole about it (surprise, surprise). When pressed by the driver of the other car for his insurance information, he initially refused but finally gave in… giving her false details. Of course, now he denies the whole thing and says it’s the driver who doesn’t want to talk to him. Yeah, I’m sure that’s the case, bro.

From TMZ:

Chris Brown says he did nothing wrong when he was involved in a minor fender bender last week … and claims the other driver has been ducking his attempts to discuss the matter … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Brown allegedly refused to give over his driver’s license number (and provided incorrect insurance info) to the driver of a Mercedes he rear-ended … which, if true, could put his probation in the Rihanna beating case in jeopardy.

But sources close to Chris tell TMZ he gave the woman all the correct info and when his lawyer attempted to contact her not long after the accident … she hung up on him. We’re told all subsequent calls from Chris’ lawyer have gone unanswered.

Our sources also say that neither Chris, nor anyone in his camp, has been contacted by the LAPD so far.

BOO. Regardless of how minor the accident is, if the other driver requested your insurance information (as is the norm), you give it over and it gets settled. Why would the woman ask for his insurance information and then… not want to speak to you about it at all? And I refuse to believe that Chris is just such a good man that he keeps trying to reach out to her to make sure she’s okay/settle the issue. Sorry, not buying it.

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