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Amanda Bynes Adds Another Victim To Her Ugly List — Her Dad

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Amanda Bynes loves to call people ugly. Jay-Z, Jenny McCarthy, and Drake (at least twice!) have been some of her favorite targets. And now, she has a new one — her own dad.

Bynes tweeted,

Haha look at how ugly my dad’s face is!

That link goes to a large photo of his face.

What in the everloving hell? Is she 5 years-old? And a few days ago, she compared her father to RuPaul. But this latest tweet clears things up for us — she definitely thinks her dad is ugly. Good to know. I can sleep better now.

Earlier today, she gave us a Drake attractiveness update via twitter:

I only like @Drake because he’s so ugly! His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he’s ugly! I’ve spoken to him!

With her childlike non sequiturs, she’s starting to sound like a mean Dr. Seuss. And Patrick Bateman.

patrick bateman american psycho gif

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  • Her other Drake friend, who says he talks with her everyday, says she’s doing just fine. If this is true, she is one of the ugliest people walking, inside and out. Take a look in the mirror Bynes and shut up about other people to get attention for yourself.

  • Has she seen those things through her cheeks? She thinks she’s sexy? I want to throw garbage at her for being such a weird person. I guess we should have known that she was weird. Even as a kid she was on that stupid nick show that was totally weird. Nothing good ever happened to those people

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