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Demi Lovato Wants A Realistic Barbie


Demi Lovato thinks we need a better Barbie. Yesterday she tweeted,

1 of my biggest dreams, having collected Barbies since I was a kid, is to have my own Barbie BUT with my actual body type.. Weight & height

and the retweets flooded in. Ms. Lovato has been very vocal about her body issues and she’d like to see a more “realistic” version of the doll, tweeting such a Barbie doll would be, “one dope 21st birthday” present.

And she didn’t stop there. From Starcasm:

While encouraging her 14.7 million Twitter followers to tweet @BarbieStyle, Demi also suggested Mattel create a Barbie with some cellulite: “After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!!!”

The X Factor judge’s fans were quick to back up Demi.

“I’d buy a @ddlovato Barbie in a heart beat… I’d actually buy like 1,000 and give them to every little girl i see,” wrote one, who Demi retweeted.

Last year, a fan threw a Barbie doll at Demi while she was performing in Brazil. The young star then took a moment to give a very grown-up speech.

“I spent my whole life trying to be this and trying to look like this,” Demi told her fans. “And guess what? I’m not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love me no matter what.”

I think that’s great, but I don’t want to see a Barbie with cellulite. That’s way too difficult for a toy manufacturer to make without making it seem like Barbie is filled with Gak. You guys remember Gak?

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  • Hopefully Barbi’s manufacturers will tell her they don’t make body shapes to reflect has-been actresses with shitty tattoos.

  • This is dumb, I didn’t really play with Barbie’s as a child but when I did I didn’t think anything of their body shape. I was a child, I didn’t care that if she were a real person she wouldn’t even be able to walk. I find Bratz dolls a lot more offensive, they’re dressed a lot worse than Barbie ever was. Regardless of how much I don’t like those dolls though now that I have 2 girls of my own I just pass by the Bratz dolls. I don’t see a need to cry about their unrealistic shapes, heads or the terrifying fact you take off their entire foot to change their shoes. I shape my child and their views on themselves, not a toy company. People need to stop crying for everyone else to fix their problems.

    • You’re a terrible mother if you don’t think outside influences affect your children. You’re also completely dilusional if you believe that both advertising doesn’t affect your child views and that you are the only influence in your children’s lives. Seriously educate yourself for your daughters sake.

      • I know from growing up myself the things that stuck with me the most were things my mother told me. I praise my girls each day and remind them of how beautiful and amazing they are. It is my job to raise them and build their self esteem, not commercials and toys. My children rarely watch tv and don’t own Barbies, Bratz or anything of the sort. As of right now I do influence them more than anything. I’ve been home with them from the beginning, it’s me day in and day out. I am quite secure in my ability to raise my children and to build up their self esteem to where a doll would just be a doll. Of course things outside of me influence them but when you build your child up and make them feel secure in themselves it makes outside influences less of a factor. Why does a child need a doll with cellulite? What does that do? The problem is people rely on everything but themselves to raise children now a days.

  • Would everyone shut up about Barbie already, the overwhelming response is always the same: I didn’t think Barbie was a realistic representation of women, even when I was a kid. It’s a doll, teddy bears don’t look like bears either. I’m all for making more realistically proportioned dolls, but that’s not Barbie’s thing, and they shouldn’t have to change. Time for a new brand of dolls, no fuss, no crazy makeup, I would have been all over that shit when I was younger. Maybe that’s why I made the switch to the American girl dolls.

  • Meh, ALL kids toys are unrealistic. And when you think about it, the action figures given to boys have just as much unrealistic and impossible physiques as those given to girls (if not more so!).

    Toys are toys. No boy should ever grow up wanting a physique like a toy Superman. The same with girls and Barbie. It’s up to the parents to tell the kids to distinguish between fantasy and reality.