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Kate Moss Is Going To Do Playboy: What Year Is it???

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Kate Moss is apparently going to appear on Playboy‘s January cover, which is something I find very confusing. Why Playboy? Why now? It can’t be the US version of Playboy. I could totally see it being a European version, like French Playboy. They do artsy pictorials. We do Lindsay Lohan spreads.

Here’s some news about Miss Moss covering the legendary magazine (from Refinery 29):

While chit-chatting with Kate Moss’ superstar hairstylist backstage at his La Fama hair show on Sunday, Oribe himself confirmed that a Playboy cover with the supermodel is really happening. In fact, the shoot is already wrapped — he would know, he was on set tending to her famous locks.

All we know for now is that the cover is set to run in January, but it’s safe to assume that it will be very sexy. Just how much nudity will be involved remains to be seen, but hey, stay tuned!

I think Kate Moss looks fantastic, so I’m not saying it’s about her age. I’m just really confused about the relevancy here. It’s all making me ask,

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