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8Does Amanda Bynes Have a Secret Twitter Account That’s Even Crazier Than Her Regular One?


Amanda Bynes says some crazy shit on Twitter. Of course she does! It’s her official press release outlet and photo agency, which is why we love following her. But things took on a darker turn yesterday when it was discovered that she may also be running a secret Twitter account where she’s posting even crazier shit – shit like wanting to cut people’s faces and hearing voices in her head. Oh, dear.

Here’s the deal – the account handle @persiannyc27 now has a few thousand followers (because the story got out, obviously) but isn’t following anyone else. Also, Amanda’s official Twitter account is only following 13 people, with @perssiannyc27 being one of them (and the most recent). She’s also retweeted the account several times on her official one. The voice on @perssiannyc27 seems quite consistent with Amanda’s own, but it’s a bit scary and even more indicative of her mental illness:


tweet 2

Oh, dear. There’s more where that comes from, as well. She seems to be talking about seeing a guy she likes with another girl, and telling guys not to assume she likes them unless she tells them and all this shit. I don’t even know anymore. Someone help her.

What do you think – is this Amanda’s other Twitter? Is this some big publicity stunt or did the psychiatrists make a big misstep in not calling a 5150 on her?

June 5, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
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8 Responses to “Does Amanda Bynes Have a Secret Twitter Account That’s Even Crazier Than Her Regular One?”

  1. Brooklyn Damian Stone says:

    i think her name is this now Barbie ?@persiannyc27

  2. Brooklyn Damian Stone says:

    without the ? that shows up after i post? odd

  3. KiM says:

    She’s Persian?

  4. Deb says:

    Can anybody figure out how that thing on her head got like that? It looks like the bangs on a wig separated from the wig and fell down but I really can’t figure it out.

  5. celebitchy says:

    Complete publicity stunt. If we stop paying attention, she’ll fade away where she belongs.

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