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Kelly Preston On John Travolta: “He’ll destroy me if I leave him!”

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The National Enquirer is more invested in John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s marriage than John Travolta and Kelly Preston AND I LOVE THEM FOR IT. No one cares more about “Kelly’s woes” than the fine people at the NE. Here’s the latest in what they’re saying Ms. Preston allegedly said about her totally straight husband:

“While John is desperate to keep up the facade of a happy family, Kelly can’t take the lies anymore.

“She gamely played along when John dragged her and their little boy Benjamin to Australia in early April. But she totally lost it a few days later during a vacation in Hawaii.

“Kelly was talking to a friend on the phone about her issues with John when she broke the news that a divorce is probably imminent.

“But then Kelly’s friend scared the life out of her by suggesting that if John gets angry enough over her leaving him, he could try to get custody of Benjamin and their daughter Ella Bleu.

“Kelly burst into tears, col­lapsed into a chair and started wailing, ‘I can’t take this! He’ll destroy me if I leave him! My life is over!’ Kelly moaned about not knowing how she’d carry on if her kids were taken away.”

Damn, John. Guess she’s not…hopelessly devoted to you. (YEEEEAAAHHH!!!)

It goes on:

“Kelly’s life has revolved around John and the kids for years,” said the source. “And she’s faced one embarrassment after another over John’s alleged gay hook-ups with men. It’s absolutely humiliating for Kelly. [Note: I don’t think you have to add “with men” if you’re saying “gay hook-ups.” You can just say manager gay.]

“But John’s a bully and he’s  made it clear to Kelly that if she files divorce papers, he’ll unleash the full wrath of his high-powered legal team on her.

“Kelly is already suffering from insomnia. She barely sleeps four hours a night, and sometimes she’s so down that she forgets to eat.

“She’s dropped a lot of weight, and some days Kelly can’t even motivate herself to leave the house. It’s a very sad situation.”

FREE KELLY PRESTON! Can’t we distract Travolta with Oprah or something? Tell him Oprah wants to meet him in Australia to talk about a brand new movie/album/airline/whatever the hell John Travolta does now, and while he’s gone, get her the hell out of there? Yeah, it’s not going to solve the divorce settlement stuff, but I’m more worried for her about the wrath of John’s “friends.” Just ask David Miscavige’s wife. Oh, wait…you can’t. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH.

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  • It’s really too bad she’s married to a gay man. She’s always been sexy, even at this age. She didn’t even have to ruin her face with plastic surgery.

    The things I would eat out of her ass… you have no idea.

  • My Mother divorced my Father despite his threats to have the Mob kill her. She only got $25,000 of his 7 million dollar net worth and $50 a month in child support. Travolta made no death threats. Kelly needs to grow up and be a woman.

  • Well, his legal team has to be extremely high-powered if he even dreams he has a prayer of taking the kids. Kelly would have to be guilty of….what?….being the head of a huge drug ring? Pimping infants in Thailand? She knows Travolta’s movements better than any P.I. in L.A. I’d keep an eye on him and when he gets all swoony over some masseuse, I’d get it on camera and threaten him with it if he tried to get all butch on me.

  • she looks like a robot in that pic. eeeeesh… yeah, blackmail his ass with pics of him next to some wang, done & done. grow a pair, sistah.

  • Bitch please…. They are both gay…. I mean Kelly is too, not just John…. Kinda like fellow actors and Scientonuts Will and Jada

  • Ask advice and assistance from the one ]the one who loved you and took care of the pet pig you both left behind.

    You wouldn’t lose or kids, finances and the one who should have been the keeper.

  • The pig died in 2004. George married ten years later. I bet he would have moved heaven and earth to help her and probably still would. He is a real man.

  • It would be advantageous, in my opion, for Mrs. Travolta to secretly meet with Katie Holmes. The former Mrs. Cruise could advise Kelly on how to safely deal with a manical Scientology obsessive!!