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Lady Gaga Lost Weight; Internet Still Calls Her Fat

lady gaga bikini 2013

Lady Gaga apparently gained 30 pounds several months ago. I still think that infamous meat leotard photo is photoshopped, because if you compare it to every single other photo of her taken around that time she doesn’t look nearly as big, I mean all you really need to do is use your eyes and then apply logic to what you’re looking at. Okay, anyway, whatever weight she’s gained she’s since lost it and looks great. But leave it to the Internet to say she still looks fat, or that if she doesn’t look fat, “she’s still ugly.” I am getting so sick of this shit. Come on, Internet.

TMZUs Weekly, and AztecaTrends posted these Gaga bikini pics and even though I’m not a huge fan of everything she does or says, I think she’s a talented and pretty girl who has a great bod and doesn’t deserve all of this bizarre hatred. Maybe I’m taking this too personally because this is pretty much what I look like in a bikini so now I kind of want to never leave the house again.

Not everyone is built like Olivia Wilde or Rachel Bilson, you know?

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  • She looks beautiful. I really don’t think those stick figures look beautiful or feminine. Most men prefer women who have a bit of boob, hips and an ass. Not that I’m a dude, but I am built very similarly to Ms. Gaga, and I have had no complaints. (LOL) I can’t speak for the lesbian demographic, but I would imagine that if you are sexually attracted to the female form, you would be most attracted to a body that has feminine traits, not that of a young boy.

    • “Helena”, you will never find a scar that’s small and right across where her leg folds to the groin.

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