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Blind Item About Miley And Liam?

miley liam split

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have got to be the most annoying on-again off-again couple in history (though Kristen/Rob and Rihanna/Chris could definitely take that title). So when I saw this blind item I thought, this has to be about them. From Blind Gossip:

Just a few weeks ago, this on-again, off-again young celebrity couple was acting as if everything was on again. They were seen together, all cute and cuddly and romantic.

Sweet, right? And, of course, it’s purely coincidental timing that they got back together again just before she had a new project to promote, and that he is being all supportive of her new project!

The truth is that they are not really together again. They actually broke up. In fact, she is dating someone else. And that someone else just happens to be… female. Yes, it turns out that our girl is secretly bisexual!

No, it’s not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. In this case, he is older than she.

Let’s review.

— Item says “young celebrity couple”, without specifying what their jobs in the industry are. It also says she has a “new project” to promote — note the use of the word “project” and not movie. Which leads me to believe that this isn’t about an actress, and that this couple is from different entertainment circles. Liam is an actor, Miley is a singer.

— They’re known for being on and off and despite all clear signs that they’re off, they haven’t officially confirmed it.

— I can totally see Miley being into girls. This is based on a few little things, like Miley “teasing” that she’d like to make out with Rihanna, and oh, these photos of her making out with a girl (thanks, Hollywood Life!). There was also a story last year from ClevverNews that Miley was “caught” kissing a girl in NYC.

— Miley has a much talked about upcoming album. Lots of buzz.

— As Lainey Gossip pointed out, Liam just joined twitter. So far all he’s tweeted is a hello and a blatant promotional tweet for his upcoming film, but I can absolutely see him using this as a way to show his support for Miley’s album. A tweet here and there as the release date gets closer. He’s following only 13 people and one of them is Miley. Kind of weird to follow your ex-fiance, unless you don’t want people to know you actually broke up, and unless you’re only using twitter as a promotional tool instead of a personal outlet.

— Finally, Liam (23) is older than Miley (20).


The one thing though is that he needs her WAY more than she needs him, and the wording of this item suggests that keeping the charade benefits her more.


What are your guesses?

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