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Elisabeth Moss Confirms That Jeremy Piven Sucks On Live TV

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Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men‘s Peggy Olsen) gave Jeremy Piven a well-deserved beat-down on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. Cohen does a segment called “Plead the Fifth” in which guests can pass on 1 out of 3 questions he asks. When asked about Jeremy Piven, Ms. Moss didn’t opt out at all.

Some backstory: do you remember when Jeremy Piven abruptly dropped out his Broadway show because he said he overdosed on mercury from eating too much sushi? It really pissed her off, and she NOT alone. US Weekly has the soundbites:

COHEN: What, besides eating too much sushi, caused Jeremy Piven to quit Speed-the-Plow?

MOSS: That’s a very good one. I could go on and on. Being highly unprofessional. […] We were all surprised. It came out of nowhere. He just didn’t come back one day. […] I saw him like a month later at the Golden Globes. When he was supposed to be really sick.

BOOM. Aren’t Broadway actor feuds just the best? Playwright David Mamet, who wrote Speed-the-Plow, snarked, “I talked to Jeremy on the phone and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury. So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer.” BOOM AGAIN. And if you haven’t heard about the whole Alec Baldwin/Shia LaBeouf mess, read up on it.