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Shia LaBeouf Is Playing Sick Mind Games With Alec Baldwin

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Shia LaBeouf is a really good internet troll, and he’s bringing his love of unleashing madcap asshattery to real life! You may recall that Mr. LaBeouf was going to make his Broadway debut with Alec Baldwin in a play titled Orphans. About 2 weeks in, Shia “You’re Not My Real Dad, My Real Dad Always Lets Me Have Tostinos Pizza Rolls Before Bedtime” LaBeouf started to lose it and was fired. There were rumors he brought a real knife to rehearsals and couldn’t work with Mr. Baldwin.

After Mr. LaBeouf’s exit, he got 4chan on everyone by turning into an internet troll, screwing with his former cast and crew. He sent everyone a long and bizarre letter about “what it means to be a man” that sounded sort of like an apology and turned out to be an article he copied from Esquire.

Not done yet, he tweeted screen caps of private emails. Emails from the play’s director to Shia “I Play By Fourth Grade Rules” LaBeouf and emails from LaBeouf to Baldwin and vice versa. He also tweeted something about theater actors that was definitely a veiled reference to Baldwin, so Baldwin referred to film actors as “celebrity chefs”. This provoked LaBeouf to then tweet a screen cap one of Baldwin’s emails, coupled with the word “chef.”

You caught up?

The damn play finally opened (in previews) yesterday, with Ben Foster in LaBeouf’s role. And guess who was sitting in the front row?

A spokeswoman for the production told The New York Times that LaBeouf turned up solo after buying a ticket and did not formally alert producers that he planned on attending.

Well, duh. What fun would that be for him? E Online has more,

At one point midway through the play, Baldwin appeared to notice the thesp from the stage, but did not react. At the curtain call, LaBeouf reportedly was among the first rise to his feet for the standing ovation and applauded fervently. When Ben Foster—the actor who replaced him—took his bow and pointed to him, Shia was said to have smacked the stage with his palm in approval. He then bolted the theater shortly thereafter and could not be reached for comment.

I wish I could have seen Alec Baldwin’s face.

Shia LaBeouf is like a really scaled down, non-threatening, just really annoying version of The Joker. Some men just want to watch the world get lukewarm.

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  • What? After LaBeof left, who got 4chan and who sent emails? The grammar on this post is incomprehensible.

    • “After Mr. LaBeouf’s exit [from the production], he got 4chan on everyone” — I am using 4chan as a verb. “He sent everyone a long and bizarre letter” — this seems very clear to me that by he, I mean Shia. I hope this explains everything, Henry Higgins.

  • Just surfed in after a run, nice day & knocked off work at noon today… I love being self employed! Boys on spring break, going to take a little trip & relax. Whats up with you?

    • what do you do, chaz? good day, bonn bonns. oh yeah, and shia? meh. team baldwin.

      • Speciialty landscaping, mostly Japanese maples & exotic evergreens, bonsai, water features, rock/sand gardens… Also a level 3 ski instructor, but not so much anymore…. You?

      • Very cool. Well all except the injury part, damn… Since running far far away from the entertainment industry (best decision I ever made), I spend my days kicking serious booty at a fun yet stressful toy company. Think Tom Hanks in Big, but with less New York, and much more China involved. Ni hao!

      • Lmao, I’ve spent yrs in pt from injuries…. Ski racing & baseball, occasional bar fight. I was lucky enough to marry someone who knew my passions & let me feed them. Not using my masters, hah! I don’t think I could ever go to work for someone else, I’m loving my flexibility!

    • Uno with the boy, avoiding playing Uno with the boy, more attempts to avoid the boy, more Uno. I have the work this afternoon, but that means I’m going to miss the part of the day the boy is out playing with his friends putting me smack dab in the middle of Uno time!

      • DUDE. I’ll bet Uno has infiltrated your dreams at night. Aaaaawww, obsessive little kids, ya know I love ’em…

      • I hate Alvin and his vermin buddies! I still say you need to market your sons version of UNO. At night during winter we play chess, backgammon, pente, and occasionally BB gun poker. Fact is, I’d rather hang with my kids than most people I know.

  • Shia is either very brave or very stupid. Alec could bitch slap him into next week if he wanted to and I’m surprised he hasn’t. Team Alec all the way.